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Japanese ramen eatery Menya Musashi created a storm when they first opened at Raffles City a few years ago. I still remember that there were long lines continuously thronging the shop. In fact, waiting times for a meal used to be more than an hour.

Today, the ramen craze has indeed hit Singapore, with countless other ramen shops sprouting up all over the place. But Menya Musashi still continues to do well, despite the competition.

Menya Musashi's Black Tora ramen.

Menya Musashi’s Black Tora ramen with Cha Siu.

This chain now has six outlets in Singapore and they are still drawing in a steady stream of customers. But due to the increase in the number of outlets though, the waiting times have certainly fallen dramatically.

I finally managed to get round to tasting the ramen at Menya Musashi at their Bugis Junction outlet, to find out if it was indeed worth the hype. And in case you were wondering, no, I did not have to queue up at all, to get a table.

Types of ramen available

There were three different types of soup bases available. These were the White Tora, which is the original pork tonkotsu soup base, the Black Tora, which contains garlic oil and the Red Tora, a spicy version of the soup.

All of their soup broths have been boiled for more than nine hours and stirred continuously to blend the flavours together.

Each of the broths came with a variety of toppings, ranging from the standard cha siu (pork) to chicken and even seafood, for those who want a more unique version.

I ordered the white tora with cha siu, while my eating companion selected the black tora version of the dish.

I ordered the White Tora Cha Shu ramen.

I ordered the White Tora Cha Siu ramen.

The ramen soup broth

The white tora broth was definitely flavoursome, tasty and filling. The taste simply exploded in my mouth when I took a spoonful of the soup. It was really delicious.

For the black tora broth, which is made with garlic and onions, I found it to be slightly on the oily side. But it was still full of flavour and relatively yummy, nevertheless.

The ramen and ingredients

The ramen was springy and it soaked up the flavour of the broth well. The cha siu was tasty too and I particularly enjoyed its strong barbecue flavour. The spring onions and the black fungus added a crunch to the dish, and I particularly liked the addition of the crispy tofu skin to the dish.

The soft boiled egg, however, was a little overcooked for my liking, though.

Overall Comments

This was definitely a decent bowl of ramen, and I would certainly come back here again, if I am around the area and am in the mood for a good bowl of ramen.

The prices of the ramen ranged from $11.90 to 16.90, depending on the ingredients and flavours used in the dish.

Menya Musashi @ Bugis Junction

200 Victoria St, #B1-07, Singapore 188021

Tel: 6884 6454

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