Monopoly Game is Back at McDonald’s® with $4 Million Worth of Prizes

The popular Monopoly game is back at McDonald’s® Singapore outlets, and the prizes this year are bigger and better than ever.

This year, prizes include a brand new yellow Citroen C4 Cactus, two sets of OCBC Bank cash prizes worth $40,000, two sets of Nestle Gold Bar sets worth $25,000 and Star Cruises Family Holiday Packages worth more than $7,000, amongst others.

Said Yvonne Low, Senior Director of Marketing at McDonald’s® Singapore, “We know that our customers have enjoyed the Monopoly Game at McDonald’s® in previous years. This time we are elevating the thrill of the game by offering customers the chance to win bigger and better prizes, with even more chances to win.”

Monopoly is back at McDonald's Singapore.

Monopoly is back at McDonald’s Singapore.

She added “Every meal with McDonald’s® will bring them closer to winning. More importantly, we are looking for ways to delight our customers – be it by our food or the fun and unique experiences that we have to offer.”

Media Preview Launch Event

Members of the media had been invited to the launch event of the Monopoly Game at the Marine Cove McDonald’s® outlet – where we got a glimpse, first-hand, of how the new version of the Monopoly game works.

Having ordered either an Extra Value or a McCafe meal in advance, we were each given a gigantic sized game card based on the trademark colours of the Monopoly game board, with the corresponding Singapore property names to match. For example, these had included Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa Cove occupying the dark blue colours.

Mr Monopoly at the launch.

Mr Monopoly at the launch.

\We were then instructed to find partners who had also received the same coloured cards as us and the first three teams to successfully rush up to the life sized Monopoly board adorning the walls and paste their game card on the wall, would win tokens.

Unfortunately our team members during the media preview, could not find each other fast enough – to be in the running to win!

But at least I managed to get three McFlurry ice cream vouchers as a consolation prize, in a subsequent grab & win promotional booth at the media launch event.

We also got the chance to meet and take photos with Mr. Monopoly and some life-sized versions of the classic Monopoly game pieces at the launch event – which were all quite cute.

More touch points to win this year

For me, it had been a fun little sneak peek into what the McDonald’s® Monopoly game entails, and beginning from next Thursday, November 3 to December 26, customers will also get their chance to receive a Monopoly Game Label with every purchase of an Extra value meal or a McCafe meal.

Purchase a McDonald's meal to qualify.

Purchase a McDonald’s meal to qualify for a Game Card.

And according to McDonald’s®, this year’s edition would also see more touch points, allowing customers to play the game through Self Ordering Kiosks, Drive-Thru outlets and via McDelivery.

Upsized Extra value meals and McDelivery Bundle Meals will entitle customers to additional Game Labels.

According to the fast food giant, the Monopoly game – when it had last made an appearance across Singapore outlets five years ago – “had been enjoyed by Singaporeans and brought together friends, families and colleagues to share the game pieces and prizes.”

But McDonald’s® had wanted to make the game “bigger and better” so through discussions with focus groups, they had come to the conclusion that customers wanted more, so this year, they chose to let customers receive tokens across all avenues. Previously McDelivery had not been included in the game.

How you can win

Each Game Label will give customers a chance to win an attractive prize in three different ways and these are as follows.

Life sized Monopoly game pieces.

Life sized Monopoly game pieces.

  • Collect To Win – Collect all property labels within the same colour group and win the prize corresponding to that colour. These are the top prizes in the game and include a Citro?n C4 Cactus 1.2 PureTech, two $40,000 cash prizes, two sets of Nestle Gold Bar Set worth $25,000 and even a Coca-ColaTM Branded Fridge Prize Package.
  • Instant Win – Redeem your prize immediately at any McDonald’s® outlet or else you may claim the prize from the prize partner’s outlet before the expiry date. McDonald’s® prizes falling under this category include McDonald’s® food items, such as Big Macs, McSpicy burgers, McFlurries and beverages. Partner prizes range from Cable Car Ticket discounts, Toys“R”Us discount vouchers and discounted tickets for the Singapore Zoo or River Safari.
  • Chance Card – Enter a weekly Lucky Draw by registering your given number code on before 30 December this year. Each week, five winners will stand to win a NETS Flash-Pay card pre-loaded with $500. Entries who do not win for that week will be rolled over to the next draw and finally the Final Prize Drawn on 12 January next year.

Partnering with The Food Bank

A house and a hotel from the Monopoly Game.

A house and a hotel from the Monopoly Game.

As well, for those who wish to get a game card but are not keen to eat a meal, McDonald’s® Singapore is also partnering with The Food Bank Singapore to allow customers to donate their meals.

Donated meals will be valued at $5.00 each and will be presented to The Food Bank Singapore in the form of meal vouchers at the end of the promotion.

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