Moringa: A Nutrient-Rich Superfood

Moringa is known to be one of the most nutrient-rich super-foods available – with 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants and 18 essential amino acids in each Moringa leaf together with plenty of other vitamins and minerals.

So, taking Moringa on a daily basis offers benefits according to Melissa Soo, 28, Co-Founder of Maitree Pte Ltd, the company that brings the Moringa products into Singapore.

Moringa is a nutrient rich superfood. Photo Source

Moringa is a nutrient rich superfood.
Photo Source

Helps to boost energy

Said Melissa, “The most common feedback we receive is energy boosting, allowing our customers to focus on their work better, and have regular bowel movements, as well as giving improvements in metabolic rate and immunity, thus they do not put on weight easily or fall sick, despite the bad weather or exposure to coughs and colds.”

Maitree had been started by Melissa, Clorine Teo, Crystal Lim and Ivan Ho, after they had learnt about the benefits of superfoods such as Moringa. Their aim was to introduce such superfoods and healthy living, into the lives of everyday Singaporeans.

Health benefits of Moringa are underestimated 

The health benefits of Moringa are underestimated. [Photo source]

The health benefits of Moringa are underestimated.
[Photo source]

Melissa said that the health benefits of Moringa are often underestimated by many people. She said, “Most Indians would know Moringa as the leaves they use to cook curry so they think that taking the fresh leaves have the same benefits.”

She added, “But they do not know that there is a huge difference in the nutrition content – as the amount of nutrients in the Moringa powder that we sell is much higher than that of those in the fresh leaves. In fact one Moringa capsule can be equivalent to 100 bunches of Moringa leaves.”

Benefits of Moringa has been proven through research

For sceptics who may distrust the benefits of Moringa and cannot believe that a single food item can contain so many health benefits, Melissa says, “Moringa has been brought to third world countries by doctors to treat kids with malnutrition and it has helped many of these kids to regain their healthy bodies in months.”

She continued, “Moringa has also been researched and studied by the John Hopkins School of Medicine and the University of Ottawa, which vouch for its nutritional benefits.”

Moringa products at 

Moringa infused tea from

Moringa infused tea from mailed me two Grenera Moringa products, a Moringa infused tea and some Grenera Moringa capsules. The capsules have been quite easy to take and swallow together with my meals. It’s also not that hard to remember to take them, as the prescription is two capsules in the morning and another two in the evenings. I have been taking these for a couple of weeks. I have not really felt any difference to my health. But to gauge the effects of such capsules, you may need plenty of time to see their effects.

The tea has flavours such as strawberry or lemon, and the Moringa flavour is subtle.

Besides the capsules and the tea, Maitree sells a wide range of Moringa products including powder, and oils, all of which are 100 per cent natural and certified organic according to Melissa.

Singaporeans can easily incorporate Moringa into their diet

Taking Moringa as capsules is one way that Singaporeans can incorporate this superfood into their diet. This, according to Melissa, is the best way that Singaporeans, who usually consume their meals outside at food courts and hawker centres, can add the benefits of Moringa into their diet.

Moringa capsules from

Grenera Moringa capsules from

She said, “If you eat out more often, we recommend you take Moringa capsules for convenience. It is natural too, as the capsules are made of Vegetable cellulose.”

But there are also other ways that you can use Moringa if you are cooking your meals at home though.

Added Melissa, “The Moringa powder is one of the best nutrient boosters to the meals that we prepare. Many mix the power into their juices, oats, salads and other food preparation. We also have people mixing Moringa into their baking to replace green colouring as they prefer using natural ingredients than food colouring.”

But no matter how you go about including this as a regular part of your daily diet, Melissa recommends that everyone should try and do so. She said, “Just like all superfoods, Moringa is rich in nutrient contents and it is 100 per cent natural. But what stands out about it, is that it has a wide range of nutrients, so wide that it is practically the only supplement that your body needs.”

To find out more about Grenera Moringa and purchase some, check out

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