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This cookie shop has now closed.

I have been back to My Lovebites, a gourmet cookie shop located along Joo Chiat Road, on several occasions to buy some of their other cookies. Here are some of my favourite cookie flavours at the shop.

Milo Dino


Milo Dino

This flavour was first introduced at My Lovebites for National Day last year, but they were so popular and in-demand that they are now a regular item on the shop’s menu.

I really enjoy eating these cookies too. There is definitely real Milo powder mixed into the dough, so the Milo flavour is extremely strong and very addictive. I particularly like this, as I am a Milo fan.

In fact, munching on these cookies remind me of my childhood days, when I used to take a spoon and scooped out the Milo powder straight from the can so snacking on these cookies reminds me of my Milo can days. This is indeed another yummy flavour that I would probably buy again.

Golden Maple Crunch

This is easily one of my favourite flavours at My Lovebites, together with the salted butter caramel flavour that I reviewed earlier.

When I bite into one of these scrumptious cookies, they are extremely crunchy, possibly due to the cornflakes used in the dough. As well, the maple taste is just right. There is just enough to set my taste buds alight and make me completely addicted to these absolutely yummy cookies.

Coffee Almond


Coffee almond

The coffee taste in these cookies is really genuine, but I actually found the flavour too strong for a cookie. It would suit caffeine lovers though. Rather than drinking a cup of coffee in the mornings, the caffeine in a few pieces may even give you the morning caffeine hit that you want.

Perhaps I should buy these cookies to munch at times when I have to keep myself awake!

I enjoyed the little almond pieces inside these cookies though, because they were very crispy and helped to add even more crunch to these already crispy, bite-sized coffee cookies.

Macadamia Crunch

These cookies taste pretty similar to the golden maple crunch flavour, possibly because the same maple brittle is used in the baking process. But that said, I really love these cookies too. The chopped pieces of macadamia nuts add a yummy flavour and a crunch to the scrumptious mini cookies. In fact, they are so good that I could probably have devoured the whole packet by myself. 

Bite of Your Life

This flavour was introduced in June, as part of a promotion for the Dirty Dancing musical, which recently came to Singapore. This is a chocolate and peanut flavoured biscuit, and it tastes really good. The peanuts add a delicious crunch to the yummy chocolate. Together, they taste like heaven inside the mouth. When I sampled it, I bought a packet immediately, because they were so scrumptious.

Mint Chocolate Chips


Mint Chocolate Chips

My Lovebites introduced this flavour for Christmas last year. They disappeared for a while, but have recently made a comeback due to high demand, so I picked up a packet.

I really enjoyed the crispy texture and refreshing minty flavour of these bite-sized morsels. They go very well together with the chocolate taste, creating a completely awesome sensation inside my mouth. In fact, they reminded me of my favourite After Eight chocolate mints, which I used to buy when I was a child.

The good thing about these cookies is that neither the chocolate nor the mint flavour overpowers the other. So this is certainly a flavour that I would buy again.

My Lovebites @ Joo Chiat
412 Joo Chiat Road

Tel: 6345 9677

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