Australian Pies in Singapore @ Pie Face, Somerset

Australian bakery, Pie Face, opened its first outlet in Singapore this month.

This is located at Basement 3 of 313 @ Somerset mall. And the trademark of these pies from Pie Face is the cute emoticon imprinted on top of the pies. Each one of the pie flavours bears a different face, including a happy, sad, confused or angry one. So you can pick a pie depending on your mood.

Aussie style pies have finally landed on Singapore shores.

These famous Aussie style pies have finally landed on Singapore shores.

As I had studied in Australia, I became very fond of these piping hot Aussie-style pies. And now that these are finally in Singapore, I had been waiting to give them a try. After all, it had literally been a while, since I had last dug my teeth into a hot, Aussie-style pie.

So last week, I checked out Singapore’s first Pie Face outlet – to see what the pies are like, compared to the ones that I used to have, in Australia.

Checking out the store

When I reached the Pie Face Singapore store, which is located at Level #B3-10, I must admit that I was surprised there wasn’t much of a queue. I reasoned though, that it could have been because it was a weekday morning and I was still early – and had successfully managed to beat the Orchard Road lunch crowd.

What are the pie flavours available?

Pie flavours available include vegetable and leek, chicken with mushroom and chunky steak with minced beef. Like in Australia too, each pie was trademarked with its signature funny face. And besides the savoury pies, there are also some sweet ones available, such as apple, pecan and chocolate.

Prices range from SGD 3 to SGD 5.20 depending on the flavour that you choose.

I selected two chicken & mushroom pies as well as a chunky steak pie, with a chocolate and an apple crumble pie for dessert – and brought these back home, to share them with my family.

At the store, there was also an on-going promotion – if customers bought a hot drink, they would get a SGD3 mini pie for free.

How the pies stack up

I must say that I really enjoyed my chicken & mushroom pie and it brought back memories of my time in Australia.

Scrumptious chunks of chicken in the chicken & mushroom pie.

Scrumptious chunks of chicken in the chicken & mushroom pie.

The slightly gooey texture and medium-sized chunks of the chicken was definitely similar to the Australian version. The chicken was moist and juicy and I thought there was a good mixture of chicken chunks and mushrooms inside the pie. It wasn’t as hot though, as I would have liked and the pastry may not have been as crunchy, probably because of the journey home. But it was still yummy.

However, the chunky steak pie was not as chunky as I had remembered, though. But it was still delicious and the beef was moist and tender.

Mini chocolate pie.

Mini chocolate pie.

As for the chocolate pie, the pastry was buttery and melted in my mouth, which was great. However, I had thought that the chocolate cream filling was a little too sweet for my liking. Fortunately though, the chocolate pie was small – so we finished it easily.

Apple crumble pie.

Apple crumble pie.

For the apple crumble pie, I loved it. The pastry was light, buttery and crumbly. I also enjoyed the tangy flavour of the apple filling. It was probably one of the better apple pies that I have tasted in a while.

Overall Comments

As a whole, I’ll say that Pie Face’s first foray into Singapore certainly met my expectations – in terms of their savoury pies. Next time I want another reminder of my time in Australia, I will return for a moist, juicy Aussie-style pie.

It would be great if the next branch could be in the Eastern part of Singapore though – so that I wouldn’t have to travel so far, for my Aussie pie fix!

313 @ Somerset's Pie Face store.

313 @ Somerset’s Pie Face store.

Pie Face Singapore

313 @ Somerset, 313 Orchard Road #B3-10 Singapore 238895 (Somerset MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

Bugis Village, 249 Victoria Street, Singapore 188034
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

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