Good Pretty Looking Cakes at Spatula Bakery, Joo Chiat

Spatula Bakery is relatively new to the Singapore cake scene but they have one mission: To bake cakes that “look as good as it tastes.”

This bakery focuses on producing cupcakes, but they also have other sweet treats, such as brownie bites, cake-in-a-jar and fun pops (chocolate marshmallows).

Spatula Bakery Shop.

Spatula Bakery Shop.

I came across this shop one day when I was walking along Joo Chiat Road and I was attracted to their pretty looking cakes. So I decided to drop inside and take a peep.

The Cakes Available

The first thing that struck me in the shop, was the big glass cabinet, which displayed many different types of colourful cupcakes. These included red velvet, caramel, chocolate, milo and vanilla flavours.

As well, lots of cake-in-a-jar and colourful fun pops were also available on the day that I visited this little store.

After looking carefully through the selection, I eventually decided on a saucy salted caramel cupcake, a cake-in-a-jar and a marshmallow fun pop.


Cake In A Jar

Cake In A Jar

This is a really pretty looking cake and comes inside a small clear jar. I thought that it was definitely eye-catching and attractive, because I don’t usually see cakes served this way.

The cake consists of a vanilla sponge cake decorated with cream and a layer of blueberry jam is placed inside a small bottle.

The vanilla sponge was slightly dry, but the moist cream more than made up for it. As well, the blueberry flavour was yummy and added a fruity kick to the cake, which I really enjoyed.

This is delicious and if you are looking for a pretty little gift, this will be ideal.

 Saucy Salted Caramel Cupcake

Salted Caramel Cupcake.

Salted Caramel Cupcake.

This is a beautiful looking cupcake. It has a vanilla cupcake base and is decorated with vanilla buttercream and caramel drizzle. A huge pretzel sits on the top of the cream.

I was a little disappointed that the cupcake was a little dry and plain though. There was supposed to be some caramel filling inside the cupcake too, but I couldn’t seem to detect any.

The buttercream on top helped to provide some moisture, but sadly, I thought it wasn’t quite enough to cover the entire cake.

The pretzel on top of the cake was good though and it was still crunchy when I bit into it.

Fun Pop

Fun Pop.

Fun Pop

These are bite-sized chocolate marshmallows coated with colourful hundreds and thousands served on a stick. I thought they were rather interesting looking.

When I took a bite of these, they reminded me of the chocolate marshmallows in New Zealand that I used to buy as a young girl. The chocolate flavour blended in very well with the marshmallow and the hundreds and thousands provided a slight crunch to it.

It is possible to eat one or two pieces of these without feeling the guilt because of its small size.

More sweet treats here!

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