Reader Promotion: Domino’s Launches Chilli Crab Pizza & Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake

In order to cater to the evolving food tastes and preferences of Singaporean consumers, Domino’s has launched two new flavours that are inspired by common local dishes that Singaporeans love – the Chilli Crab Pizza and the Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake.

And the timing of these two new items also happens to be perfect… for runners who are intending to “carbo-load” in preparation for the annual Standard Chartered Marathon taking place this coming Sunday.

Domino's launches the Chilli Crab Pizza and Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake.

Domino’s launches the Chilli Crab Pizza and Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake.

Furthermore, together with Domino’s other classic flavours such as the Hawaiian Paradise, and side dishes such as the Napolitana Baked Meatballs and Golden Roasted Drummets, consumers should be spoilt for choice at Domino’s restaurants.

I had been recently invited to a media taste testing event to sample Domino’s two new offerings.

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Chilli crab pizza

The Chili Crab pizza is served with crab meat chunks, farm fresh onions and cherry tomatoes, on an authentic crab sauce sprinkled with coriander.

According to Domino’s, the idea of using chilli crab on a pizza had come about, because chilli crab is an iconic Singaporean dish – more so than many of Singapore’s other hawker delights such as laksa or chicken rice. Thus it had been the perfect way to fuse Asian and Western cultures, and represent Singapore on a pizza.

My first impressions had been that the flavours were quite authentic in mimicking the actual chilli crab dish, but unfortunately, a tad on the mild side at first.

The pizza is served with crab meat chunks, onions and cherry tomatoes.

The pizza is served with crab meat chunks, onions and cherry tomatoes.

For example the chilli crab sauce lining the base of the pizza was quite mild at the beginning.

But gradually I noted that the flavours became stronger as I ate more of the pizza – after having a couple slices of pizza, the spicy flavour of the sauce had been definitely apparent and I could certainly detect the aftertaste of it, in my mouth.

That said, the flavour was not overpowering, so I think that the pizza should go down well with most Singaporeans in order to whet their appetites for more of this iconic local flavour.

But I must point out that those who love the more intense flavour of chilli crab may be a tad disappointed by this pizza, though.

As well, I also noted that the amount of crab pieces on the pizza also did not seem to be distributed evenly. While some pizza pieces did not seem to have much crab chunks, others had a few medium sized chunks.

Tasting the pizza.

Tasting the pizza.

For the pizza base, the thin and thick crust versions were available. I personally preferred the thin crust version rather than the thick crust, as this was slightly more crispy and had seemed to bring out the flavour of the chilli crab, better.

The chilli crab pizza is available from $26.80 for a 9-inch regular size pizza. Rates will vary for different sizes.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Lava Cake

As the name suggests, this is a molten chocolate lava cake that has been infused with some peanut butter.

As peanut butter is commonly used as fillings for toast in many local chains such as YaKun and ToastBox, Domino’s had decided to give the traditional molten chocolate Western dessert this local touch, as well.

The peanut butter adds a local touch to the traditional chocolate lava cake dessert.

The peanut butter adds a local touch to the traditional chocolate lava cake dessert.

On biting the cake, the chocolate oozed out. As I love my molten chocolate cakes to be thick and oozy, this really suited me.

Due to the higher density of the peanut butter though, I noted that the peanut butter had been hiding underneath the molten chocolate when I first dug into my lava cake. And on tasting it, I found the flavour to be quite unique. The peanut butter gives the chocolate cake a slightly salty note, and together with the bittersweet tang of the dark chocolate, it combines to form a rich taste that delighted my taste buds.

Added my dad, who had subsequently tried one of the cakes later at home, “It has an interesting mix of chocolate and peanut butter. I think there could have been more peanut butter there, though.”

However, the cake is best when shared with someone though. After a few mouthfuls, the cake can feel a bit rich and the thickness of the fillings may make it a tad difficult to swallow. This is despite the size of the cake being quite comparable to that of a standard cupcake.

The cake is available as an a-la-carte order.

The cake is available as an Ala Carte order.

As well, my dad had also pointed out that Domino’s could consider providing heating instructions for the cake, as customers may sometimes want to warm it up at home, if they buy takeaways.

The peanut butter chocolate lava cake is available at $6.80 (Ala Carte).


For readers, you can get a special promotion for Domino’s two new locally-inspired offerings – from now till the end of the year (31 December 2016).

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Group photo from the event.

Group photo from the event.

So runners, why not place your order now… and get your running kakis together for a “carbo-loading pizza party”… before going for Sunday’s Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore?

 Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion period: 29 Nov – 31 Dec 2016.
  • Offer is valid through Online Order (, Call Centre (62226333) and Over the Counter. Delivery is FREE.
  • Note: Surcharge applies for Cheesy Crust, Cheese Burst, Classics, First class pizza and Cheese sauce upgrade, Half and Half, Extra Toppings, Extra Cheese and Extra Condiments.

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