New Tasty But Healthy Sprouted Grain Bread: By Sunshine Bakeries

This sprouted grain bread contains more than 80 per cent wholemeal flour. Yet it’s really light and soft – and doesn’t feel as though you’re eating whole grains at all.

Sunshine Bakeries Extra Fine Wholemeal Bread. (Credit: Sunshine Bakeries)

Sunshine Bakeries Extra Fine Sprouted Wholemeal Bread. (Credit: Sunshine Bakeries)

And when the bread is paired with yummy toppings of your choice, it provides you with a tantalizing and delicious, yet healthy combination.

The Sunshine Extra Fine Sprouted Wholemeal Bread is a brand new product, which was just launched this month by Sunshine Bakeries. The bread is available at all major supermarkets, convenience stores and selected general retail outlets – with a retail selling price of SGD2.80 per loaf.

This is the first local bread to receive the stamp of approval from the US Whole Grains Council. The Singapore Health Promotion Board endorses it too, as a Healthier Choice product.

A high tea was served to sample the bread

To launch the new bread, journalists, bloggers and VIPs were invited to a high tea to sample Sunshine Bakeries’ latest creation.

We had bread served with a mixture of unusual toppings including egg with cranberries, smoked salmon and peanut butter with banana and toasted marshmallows.

Usually, whole grain bread tends to be quite chewy and coarse – but the Sunshine bread was light and not too heavy.

A scrumptious high tea, comprising of the new bread, was served to us.

A scrumptious high tea, comprising of the new bread, was served to us. (Credit: Sunshine Bakeries)

Said Nicholas Koh, Head of Marketing at Sunshine Bakeries and Auric Pacific Marketing, “Adults and children alike will love this extra fine and extra soft bread, which comes with all the benefits of a wholemeal bread.”

Sprouted grains are healthier

Why is the newly launched sprouted grain bread healthier? Sprouting is what seeds do naturally when the right moisture and temperature are present. And with sprouted grains, more of the nutrients present in the bread are absorbed by the body.

Explained Cynthia Harriman, the Director of Food and Nutrition Strategies of the US Whole Grains Council, “Sprouted grains are gentler on our digestion and have higher levels of fibre, foliate, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.”

She also added, “It also has lower Glycaemic Index (GI), which helps keep the blood sugar healthy.” This is because low GI foods keep you full longer, thus ensuring that the blood sugars remain stabilised. So this also means that you will probably lose weight too, by switching to sprouted grains.

As well as being more healthy, products with sprouted grains also have more flavour.

Chocolate Cream Rolls

Sunshine's chocolate cream rolls. (Credit: Sunshine Bakeries)

Sunshine’s chocolate cream rolls. (Credit: Sunshine Bakeries)

Besides the bread, Sunshine Bakeries have also launched three new chocolate-based cream rolls containing whole grains. These rolls are filled with a choice of caramel, coconut or cocoa cream.

A Healthy Alternative

The cream rolls will appeal to both children and adults who have a sweet tooth, because of the bread’s chocolate base – according to Sunshine Bakeries.

These rolls are fortified with prebiotics – to promote the growth of good bacteria to aid digestion.

It is a tasty yet healthy alternative to the refined white bread rolls and buns that are commonplace in Singapore.

The average Singaporean diet needs to change

With Sunshine Bakeries' new, healthy product range.

With Sunshine Bakeries’ new, healthy product range.

Many Singaporeans don’t eat grains though. This is because most typical Singaporean hawker fare, such as chicken rice, laksa and mee siam are made with refined carbohydrates rather than whole or sprouted grains.

Said Ketki Vinayachandra, a certified nutritionist and naturopath, “We don’t eat enough whole grain foods. We are taking in too much refined foods.”

She also added that statistics showed that many obesity and diet-related diseases, such as diabetes, have risen due to the unhealthy diet and lifestyles of many people.

“Now, even men in their 30s are having stroke and diabetes,” she said. This had been completely unheard of more than 10 years ago.

“To prevent this from continuing, we should break the cycle. Switch to complex carbohydrates. Eat healthier foods and not refined foods,” Ketki added.

This is the first time the US Whole Grains Council has partnered with a Singaporean bakery to educate consumers on the benefits of whole grains.

So Sunshine Bakeries may be on the right track, in a bid to change the overall diet of many Singaporeans.

Thank you, Sunshine Bakeries, for the high tea and talk.

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