Healthy and Nutritious Satay Served in a Cup @ SuperPower Satay

(This stall now closed and is replaced by the Satay Cup franchise. More details on Satay Cup will be announced later)

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Satay is usually served on a plate.

But at the SuperPower Satay stall, tucked away at the Al-Mawaddah Mosque and a short walk from the Buangkok MRT station, the satay is served in small plastic cups.

Delicious satay with no preservatives or additives. (Photo Credit: Ming Ham)

Delicious and healthy satay with no preservatives or additives. (Photo Credit: Ming Ham)

You can choose between the chicken, beef or lamb sticks, and each cup contains five pieces of healthy and delicious satay – with no preservatives or additives. The peanut sauce, rice ketupat and cucumbers are all put into the same cup too.

Stall owner Shafudin Kassim with his satay. (Photo Credit: Ming Ham).

Stall owner Shafudin Kassim with his satay. (Photo Credit: Ming Ham).

So when my friend Peter Limb (commonly known as Satay Runner because of his love for satay), asked me to join him and running photographer Ming Ham for a feast of satay, I didn’t hesitate. If the satay place was recommended by Satay Runner, it must be good.

Satay-in-a-cup concept had been the stall founder’s brainchild

This rather interesting satay-in-a-cup concept had actually been the brainchild of the stall’s founder and boss, Shafudin Kassim, who is affectionately known as Sha amongst his regular customers.

Wanted to change the concept of eating satay in Singapore

According to Sha, who has been in the satay business for the past ten years, he had come up with this innovative idea because he wanted to transform the eating of satay into a simple, takeaway meal.

And with his satay, it can be simply eaten on the go, for busy people who do not have time for a proper sit-down meal.

Busy cooking. (Photo credit: Ming Ham).

Busy cooking. (Photo credit: Ming Ham).

Explained Sha, “We want to change the concept of eating satay in Singapore. By combining all the ingredients into one cup, you also don’t waste time and so can eat your meal faster.

“As well, it’s also like a meal in a cup. It’s not messy to eat and no napkin is needed,” Sha added. This is in contrast to other ‘finger’ foods such as hotdogs and hamburgers, where people would usually clean their hands after the meal.

Barbeques the satay himself

When we dropped by the satay stall, Sha was barbecuing the satay himself. But he has a helper to slice the ketupat and cucumbers.

Sha cooks satay for four days every week (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), from early morning to evening. In fact, Sha proudly added too, that his satay stall is probably the only one in Singapore – that is opened for business in the morning.

Intrigued that satay could be served in cups

I must definitely admit that I was quite intrigued – when I had first noticed that the satay was being served in cups, rather than on plates – like what most other satay outlets do.

Enjoying the satay. (Photo Credit: Ming Ham).

Enjoying the satay thoroughly. (Photo Credit: Ming Ham).

Satay tasted really delicious

When I bit into my first stick of satay there, I was completely blown away by the taste of both the satay and the peanut sauce.

I thought that Sha’s chicken satay was very tasty, moist and tender – so it comes as no surprise to find out that this is his specialty and best-selling satay. According to Sha, the satay is moist because he always uses meat from chicken legs – and not breast meat – to make the satay.

The beef satay was delicious too. I must say that the flavour was definitely there and I finished all five sticks of the beef satay fairly quickly. But I think that the chicken one is still my favourite.

I didn’t get to taste the lamb satay though, because Sha had unfortunately run out of it. But he described the satay to me. The satay stall owner said, “We use lamb meat and add in lamb butter, which is the fat of the lamb, to make the satay moist. Many people like the buttery flavour.”

Ingredients are very fresh

Scrumptious chicken satays. (Photo Credit: Ming Ham).

Scrumptious chicken satays in a cup.

Sha also pointed out that he ensures that his satay ingredients are very fresh because he buys them in small quantities, which are used up quickly.

According to the satay stall owner too, the satay is marinated and left overnight to soak up the sauce before it is cooked. This would be one of the reasons why Sha’s satay is so scrumptious.

Satay sauce tasted special too

The satay sauce was something pretty special too. When I tasted it, I was taken aback by the smoothness and creaminess. It also had a sweet yet savoury taste and I thought it really brought out the each satay’s distinctive flavour.

According to Sha, the main ingredient in his sauce, is peanuts – but it also includes other special secret ingredients – to make it smooth and delicious.

Satays all ready for take away. (Photo Credit: Ming Ham).

Satays all ready for take away. (Photo Credit: Ming Ham).

The satay owner added that his peanut sauce is healthy and packed with proteins and good fats – from the peanuts.

Satay is healthy too and contains no preservatives or additives

The satay stall owner also added that that his satay is healthy, because he uses no preservatives or additives to prepare and cook his meat. Added Sha, “There is no oil in the marination too.” Rather, the satay sauce itself, is used to marinate the meat. So that makes it less fatty for the health conscious.

Satay is always hot off the grill

In addition, he also makes sure that the satay is as hot as possible when it is served to customers. Mine had just come hot off the satay grill when it was served to me – definitely another reason for the scrumptious taste.

Tips for cooking good satay

What tips does Sha have, to cook great satay?

Said Sha, “You need a good barbecue and good fire. The ingredients need to be fresh too, and you must prepare the satay yourself.”

Yup, we all love the satay!

Yup, we all loved the satay! (Left to right: Ming Ham, me, Satay Runner).

SuperPower Satay 

@ Al-Mawaddah Mosque (Cafe),

151 Compassvale Bow, Singapore 544997

Opening Hours:

Tuesday: 9am – 5pm

Friday: 10am – 2pm

Saturday: 9am – 5pm

Sunday: 9am – 5pm

For more details, SuperPower Satay has a Facebook page at:

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