Move over, Lemon Water and Coconut Oil. Here are the Next Generation Super Foods.

A special category of foods found in nature, Super Foods are nutrient dense and pack in plenty of antioxidants and nutrients.

According to nutrition futurist Fiona Tuck – a professional Skin Care expert, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, the super foods that we all know and have heard of, such as lemon water and coconut oil are so ‘yesterday.’

So here are some of the next generation superfoods and the reasons why they can be classified as such.

Activated Charcoal

This is regular charcoal that has been treated with gas to create multiple tiny internal spaces within the charcoal. These tiny spaces trap toxins and chemicals like a sponge. It is primarily being used to treat alcohol poisoning, but it is set to become a huge trend and Tuck sees activated charcoal being added to foods, smoothies and juices for its detoxifying benefits.

Avocado Oil

Containing high levels of health promoting oleic acid, Avocado Oil also has high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids that reduces damaging levels of inflammation in the body that protects us against heart disease, dementia and stroke.

Insulin Prebiotic

In order for probiotics to thrive, we need to have the right environment and temperature. In order for this to happen, we need prebiotic. Insulin, a soluble fibre, is a gut prebiotic that contains many health benefits such as enhanced immune system function, heart health and improved absorption of minerals into the body. It also satiates the appetite, thus aiding weight loss and digestion.

Sacha Inchi Inca Nuts

A native Peruvian plant that is also known as the Inca Peanut, Sacha Inchi contains nutrient rich edible star shaped seeds that are high in essential fatty acids as well as containing plenty of natural Vitamin E, Vitamin A, protein and alpha-linolenic acid. The seeds can be either eaten whole, or extracted and used as superfood powder.

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