Top Blogger Dr Leslie Tay Lets Maid Do The Cooking

He is one of Singapore’s top foodies. So you would expect him to do the cooking at home – but he doesn’t. Instead, the maid is the official chef in his family.

This was just one of the interesting nuggets of information that I gleaned from a brief interview with top Singapore blogger and food enthusiast, Dr Leslie Tay, of fame. Dr Tay is also the co-host of the 8 Days Eat TV programme, currently showing on MediaCorp Channel 5.

ieatishootipost Blogger Leslie Tay

ieatishootipost Blogger Leslie Tay

I was recently given about five minutes to interview this 44-year-old doctor and top blogger. Do you want to find out what Dr Tay’s favourite hawker foods or other interesting nuggets of information are? Then read on.

Dr Tay, what do you do apart from tasting food in your free time?

I also fish, take photos (especially of food) and cook. Occasionally, I like the outdoors too.

Who does the cooking at home?

My maid – I am too busy to cook most days, but I teach her what to do, give her the recipes and she cooks the food.

What are your favourite hawker foods?

Hokkien mee and satay.
I go to Geylang Lorong 29 for Hokkien Mee.
For Satay I go to Kwong Satay, which is also at Geylang Lorong 29.
These two are nice and are the best, in terms of flavour, taste and texture.

What type of hawker food do you usually eat?

That depends on what I feel like that day. It depends on my mood and cravings. There is so many kinds of hawker foods available so if I am in the mood for a certain type of dish, I will buy that.

Who is the better cook – your wife or you?

She would like to think that I am. Whenever she cooks, I am always critical. Whenever I cook, she just eats everything.
She is the eater and I am the chef. If you ask her that, she would probably agree!

How do you usually spend your weekends?

At church and spending time with my family.
Sometimes I bring my family down to eat.
I am definitely a family man.

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