Vietnamese Fare At The Trung Nguyen Café In The Heart of Katong

(This Cafe is now closed.)

With over 1,000 branches located all over Vietnam, the Trung Nguyen Café offers authentic Vietnamese coffee and baguette sandwiches.

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Cafe.

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Cafe

Recently, they have expanded to Singapore and now have two branches here. These are at 112 Katong and Liang Court. Another branch will be opening up in Marina Bay Sands soon, for a more central location.

I recently went to their 112 Katong branch to taste their sandwiches and the special Vietnamese coffee. Here are my comments.

The Food and Drinks

I selected their chicken baguette. One of my companions had the same, while the other had a tuna baguette.

As we wanted something sweet after our meal, we also had a raspberry cheesecake.

To wash down the dessert, my companions both had the special Vietnamese coffee, while I had their iced chocolate drink.

Chicken Baguette

Chicken Baguette.

Chicken Baguette.

I thought this baguette tasted okay. The bread had been toasted until it was crispy and the shredded chicken meat inside was warm but it would have been good if the meat had been more juicy and tender – it seemed a little dry and hard for my liking. The flavour was good, though.

The baguette itself was rather light in texture and the crunchy bread went well with the chicken and pickled salad – carrots and chilli white radish.

However, my companion didn’t like the baguette, as she complained that it was not crunchy and warm enough for her.

 Tuna Baguette

Tuna baguette.

Tuna baguette.

For this sandwich, my other eating companion said that the bread was cold, not properly toasted and did not meet his expectations. He was very disappointed.

As for the tuna meat, it was slightly dry and did not seem to have enough flavour. He had mentioned that the chicken baguette was more delicious as it had a yummy flavour to it.

Being a non-mustard lover, he also complained about the hint of mustard flavour in the tuna.

But he did like the pickled salad that accompanied the tuna filling.

Raspberry Cheesecake

Raspberry Cheesecake.

Raspberry Cheesecake.

This cheesecake was decent, but it was not the best one that I have tried. The cheese tasted a little too sweet for my liking and it was not smooth and seemed to be slightly clumpy. The raspberry flavour was yummy though.

I also enjoyed the biscuit base, as this was light, buttery and crumbly. In fact, I thought that it partially helped to make up for the disappointment of the cheese.

Iced Chocolate

I found this a little too sweet but it was full of chocolate flavour and not at all diluted.


Vietnamese Coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee.

My companions didn’t like this coffee because it was too bitter and the coffee also had a mouldy taste to it. Even pouring plenty of milk into the drink did not seem to dilute the flavour.

Overall Impressions

As a whole, I was a little let down by this café. While the chicken baguette was nice, I have tasted better ones elsewhere. For the iced chocolate and cheesecake, I have come across some more reasonably priced ones that tasted nicer.

Trung Nguyen Café @ Katong
#B1-26, 112 Katong,
112 East Coast Road
Phone: +65 66049134

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