Yummy Japanese Fare @ Wahiro Japanese Restaurant

This cosy-looking Japanese eatery is tucked away in a small corner at Roxy Square, in Katong. Set up in October 2000, it serves Japanese cuisine prepared with fresh and authentic ingredients flown straight from Japan.


Wahiro Japanese Restaurant in Katong

Seating and Menu

For seating, there is a choice between the Western type tables and chairs or Japanese-styled floor seating. Not used to eating on the floor, though, I opted for the normal seats.

The menu looked good, with items ranging from sushi and hand rolls, to the Kushiyaki (Japanese style satay sticks) and fried and grilled a-la-carte items. After pouring over the menu, my eating companions and I decided on the following items to share.

  • Grilled Chicken Teriyaki
  • Agedashi Tofu
  • Tempura Prawns
  • A variety of Japanese Style Satay Sticks (Minced chicken, Bacon & omelet, Bacon & Enoki mushrooms, Mushrooms with prawn balls, Asparagus and Eggplants).

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki


Grilled chicken teriyaki

I thought this item tasted absolutely yummy. The chicken was moist and tender and went very well with the teriyaki sauce.

The chicken was also served with a side helping of salads (tomatoes and lettuce) that added a crunchy texture to the dish.

Agedashi Tofu

This tofu came with a very generous helping of the restaurant’s light soya-based sauce, which was delicious. The tofu soaked up the gravy nicely, creating a yummy fusion of flavours that I really enjoyed.

Agedashi Tofu.

Delicious Agedashi Tofu

Tempura Prawns

When these came out of the kitchen, they were piping hot. When I bit into one, it was light and crunchy on the outside – just like how a good tempura prawn should be. At the same time, the prawn meat was also moist and delicious inside.


Piping Hot Prawn Tempura


Minced Chicken

I quite enjoyed this satay stick. The chicken was tender and juicy. It was also tasty and there was a generous amount of sauce provided. Some diced vegetables mixed into the mince, provided a lovely crunchy texture.

Bacon & Omelet

I loved the combination of the crispy bacon and the soft omelet. The flavours mixed together very well and created a lovely taste.

Bacon & Enoki Mushroom

The piece of bacon wrapped around the Enoki mushroom was just as crispy as the one used in the bacon & omelet satay. The Enoki mushroom added an extra crunchy and juicy kick to the satay stick and really enhanced the flavour.

Mushrooms & Prawn

For this satay, the prawns were mashed up and stuffed into the mushroom, similar to yong tou fu style, giving a very scrumptious flavour. The mushroom was juicy and the prawns enhanced the flavour. It was served with a generous amount of soya-based sauce.


The asparagus was slightly crunchy and full of flavour. 


The eggplant was firm – not soft and mashy. It could have been more tasty, though.


Tender and Yummy Kushiyaki

Overall Comments

This is a great Japanese eatery, with the food being really tasty and the service pretty decent. The time that we had to wait for our food was about 15 minutes. This was pretty good, as the restaurant was crowded then.

Our meal cost $80 in total. But the food is definitely value for money.

Wahiro Japanese Restaurant

50 East Coast Road

#01-01 Roxy Square 1 Shopping Centre

Singapore 428769

Tel: 63422252

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