Win an Exclusive Bean Bag with Magnolia Milk Singapore

For the past 80 years, Magnolia Milk has been nourishing generations of Singaporeans through the pure goodness of milk, inculcating children with good nutritional habits to help them adopt well balanced dietary practices as they grow up.

Magnolia has been nourishing Singaporeans for generations.

One of Singapore’s most trusted brands for championing nutrition of Singaporeans 

So it comes as no surprise that the brand has earned its accolades as one of Singapore’s most trusted brands in championing nutrition for all ages, from childhood to adulthood.

Explained dietician Derrick Ong, Founder of Eat Right Nutrition Consultancy, “Many parents are often concerned about the nutrition of their children. For toddlers, fresh cow’s milk makes an excellent source of nutrients to supplement their solid food diet. It is rich in calcium which is an essential mineral to support their bone development. It contains a good mix of carbohydrates, which provide the energy they need all day, and proteins to fuel their growth.”

He added “It is also advisable to feed toddlers below the age of two, full cream milk, because its high fat content is critical in children’s brain development. In addition toddlers have very high energy requirements for growth compared to the volume of food and fluids which they are able to consume on a daily basis. So it is important for them to take full cream milk as fat is an energy dense nutrient.”

Magnolia Milk is giving away an exclusive Magnolia Bean Bag

And in the spirit of celebrating Magnolia’s 80 years of heritage of nourishing Singaporeans, Magnolia is giving away an exclusive Magnolia Bean Bag (1mx1mx1m) in the shape of the iconic pyramid pack (worth $200) daily, through a lucky draw.

Win this exclusive bean bag with Magnolia.

Many parents of today will have fond memories of the Magnolia pyramid packs when they are growing up as part of the School Milk Programme. Today Magnolia remains dedicated to promoting nutrition for the body and mind through its extensive portfolio of milk products, that cater to all palettes and lifestyle needs.

Magnolia sent over a media drop consisting of mini version of the Magnolia Bean Bag that contest winners stand to receive. I had thought that the plush toy was really cute and soft to hug, and can definitely foresee then, that a giant version of this plush toy would make a great beanbag.

To take part in the lucky draw, purchase $5 worth of Magnolia milk and yoghurt smoothie and send the following information to 73333 via SMS.


Receipts dated from 1 to 31 August will qualify for the lucky draw. Each receipt can only be submitted once at any day from 1 August to 17 September 2017. Winners will be announced at on 29 September.

Win a Philips Mini Blender too

As well, consumers can win a Philips Mini Blender HR2874, worth $79. Magnolia is giving away 80 units of these. Terms and conditions apply.

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