A Jedi’s Revenge

The second instalment of the Hobbit movie, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” will be on our cinema screens next month, so here’s a short story to whet our interest in the Lord of the Rings. It also combines elements from the Star Wars and Harry Potter stories. 

This is a fan-fiction story and is a cross between Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

Happy reading!


Jedi padawan Ron Weasley groggily rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and sleepily smoothened out his dishevelled ginger hair. The bright, brilliant orange-yellow rays of the slowly rising dawn sun were already starting to seep through the open windows of Gryffindor Tower. Summer was clearly on its way. And Ron knew that this should have brought a smile to his freckled face.

But somehow, strangely, Ron had a strong feeling of foreboding that very morning. Somehow, he sensed that something was not quite right. And that somebody he knew, was in trouble.

Ron looked around him, terrified of what he might find and what the meaning of his uneasy feeling could be.

And he needed to look no further than the bed of his fellow padawan and dorm mate Harry Potter, to find out why he’d been feeling this way.

For lying tauntingly on Harry Potter’s bed, was an ominous, small, square piece of white parchment with a few cursive, squiggly and somewhat smuggy strokes that seemed to be mocking him.

And that very piece of parchment immediately jolted Ron awake.

Sensing the worst, he gingerly picked up the parchment, not quite sure whether he wanted to see what was written on it.

But curiosity soon got the better of him, and he decided to read what was on it.

The One Ring will destroy Harry Potter and his fellow padawans.

The One Ring will destroy Harry Potter and his fellow padawans.

What he saw, gave him the shock of his life. Ron was completely stunned and speechless.

Harry Potter is gone forever.
He will be tied from the ceiling till he cries for mercy.

No use trying to rescue him, cause there’s no way you will succeed.
— Darth Sauron, the All-Powerful Dark Lord of the Sith.

And then Ron did the first thing he could think of.

He ran straight to run to the Gryffindor girls’ dorm and summoned his girlfriend and fellow Jedi padawan, Hermione Granger.

And when she read the note, she was equally stunned and shocked, but unlike Ron, she reacted almost instantaneously.

“Grab your lightsabre and your wand! We have to rush off now, Ron! Goodness knows what the Sith have done to him while we were sleeping!” she cried out, her voice filled with urgency and desperation.

But where could the Sith have taken him? Ron wondered, but at a simple glance of Darth Sauron’s signature, both of them had no doubt that the note was not a fake.

“I have a fair idea,” replied Hermione, now slightly calmer than a few moments ago. She continued, “I think he’s being imprisoned in the Sith Shelter on the planet Mordor. This is a huge operational building that’s been the control base of the Sith empire ever since Lord Sauron took over. I’ve heard about the terrifying fiery torture chamber they have there. Those unfortunate souls who entered, have never been seen since.”

A shiver ran down her spine as she spoke those words.

But she soon calmed down, grabbed Ron’s hand, and immediately rushed off towards the Millennium Falcon II, which was actually Jedi Master Dumbledore’s YT-1300 light freighter, and was currently parked at the Hogwarts hangar.

And then, the very next minute, they were off, headed towards Mordor. Hermione was manoeuvring the Millennium Falcon II very expertly and she seemed to know exactly where to go.

And Ron didn’t doubt her, for when Hermione knew something, she was usually right. After all, her sense of intuition was usually 110% accurate too. (TO NEXT PAGE)

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