What Are The Best Rides at Universal Studios in Sentosa?

If you have only a limited time to spend at Universal Studios in Singapore, you may have trouble trying out every single one of the rides – because of the infamously long queues at the park. But at the same time, you may want to make the most of your experience and not miss out on anything.

Universal Studios Sentosa (Singapore).

Universal Studios Sentosa (Singapore).

So just plan your time well – and go straight for the top attractions, before checking out the rest of the park.

What are the top few rides that you should try? Here are a few.

Transformers: The Ride

Transformers: The Ride - A Battle to protect the Allspark.

Transformers: The Ride – A Battle to protect the Allspark.

This is definitely a ride that you must try. You simply cannot leave the park without going on this ride at least once. In fact, it is possibly the top ride at the theme park, and has actually been praised by many reviewers.

It is a thrilling ride that takes place in the dark and comprises of 3D projections of the Autobots trying to prevent the Decepticons from getting their hands on the powerful Allspark – and destroying the city as a result. During this mesmerising ride, you are propelled into this universe to join forces with an Autobot named Evoc, to become a key part of the battle.

Visitors get a glimpse of the Allspark.

Visitors get a glimpse of the Allspark.

While I really enjoyed the ride and definitely found the Transformer battles very gripping and mesmerising, I was actually expecting more thrills and spills in terms of the speed and movements of the roller coaster cars. But in my opinion, this was the only drawback of the ride.

The waiting time can be quite long though, depending on the day and time that you go. But as a whole, I think the ride is most definitely worth the long queues, in my opinion.

Battlestar Galactica

Update: Since shutting down in June 2013 for a major overhaul, the Battlestar Galactica ride re-opened yesterday, on the 27th May 2015.

Climbing to their highest point at 42.7m – i.e. about 14 storeys – the formerly four-seater dueling roller coasters have now been replaced with two-seater vehicles.  

The heart-stopping roller coaster of Singapore's theme park.

The heart-stopping roller coaster of Singapore’s theme park.

If you are into heart-stopping action and roller coasters, this is definitely the ride for you. In fact, it is the main roller coaster ride at this theme park.

The ride consists of a pair of duelling roller coasters that twist around each other, with the two tracks being dubbed Human and Cylon.

I didn’t get to try these roller coasters, because the attraction wasn’t open during my visit to the theme park, but I have heard plenty of positive feedback from friends who have taken this heart-stopping and exhilarating ride. So I would definitely recommend it to adventure and thrill seekers. If you are up for it, try both the Human and Cylon tracks – to experience double the fun.

Human Track

Take the Human track through this entrance.

Take the Human track through this entrance.

This track provides you with a typical seated roller coaster experience, but unlike many other roller coasters, where there is a neck restraint, this one only has a lap restraint – to make the experience more thrilling. The roller coaster is fast too, and reaches maximum speeds of about 90 kilometres per hour.

Cylon Track

This is a hanging roller coaster, so rides are actually on seats that are dangling in mid-air. There are also corkscrews and vertical loops, as well as “near misses” such as a sudden five-metre plunge into a deep pit that is filled with fog as well as rapid turns that narrowly miss buildings in the vicinity.

Revenge of the Mummy

Revenge of the Mummy. (Taken from SBPIS Benchmark Visit to Singapore).

Revenge of the Mummy. (Taken from SBPIS Benchmark Visit to Singapore).

This is another thrilling ride that you simply must try if you are at Sentosa’s Universal Studios in Singapore.

Also taking place in the dark, you are transported into an Egyptian tomb and must do battle against Imhotep, the main anatagonist of the Mummy films. They must also look for the Book of the Living, which is embedded somewhere inside the tomb.

It is a heart-stopping roller coaster ride in the dark that is full of twists, turns, accelerations and decelerations. If you are up for adventure and want to be thrilled, you should definitely take this ride. It is not for the faint-hearted, though.

Personally, I enjoyed this ride and I loved the adventure through the Mummy tomb, and how they were able to completely immerse me into the Mummy movies. But I also found it quite scary at times.

Like the Transformers ride, the queues for this ride can also be quite long, so be prepared to wait, but once again, the wait is definitely worth the adventure, thrills and spills.

Jurassic Park Rapids

Jurassic Park Rapids ride. (Taken from calvinteo.blogspot.com).

Jurassic Park Rapids ride. (Taken from calvinteo.blogspot.com).

In my opinion, this ride is another one that you should try. But I must warn you that you may want to consider bringing an extra set of clothes. This is because it is a water ride and depending on your position inside the craft when it drops down from a 40-feet height, you may be unlucky enough to get completely drenched.

The ride takes you through a compound that is much like that in the popular Jurassic Park movies. There are plenty of Velociraptors grazing there, adding to the drama and tension, especially when you enter the building and hear the simulated cries of help from your fellow dinosaur park rangers.

Jurassic Park Rapids vessel. (Taken from themeparkreview.com)

Jurassic Park Rapids vessel. (Taken from themeparkreview.com)

When I took this ride, I was lucky enough not to get soaked, because my position on the craft did not make direct contact with the water. I really enjoyed the ride too and the special sound effects really made me feel a sense of danger of being eaten by the dinosaurs.

If you are game enough to risk getting wet, this is a thrilling ride that you should try if you are at Singapore’s Universal Studios theme park. Once again though, be prepared to queue.

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    Bear in mind that most of attractions close at 6pm. Transformer is the exception because it is the favourite so it opens longer.

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