Some interesting Christmas traditions around the world

Merry Christmas everyone! Read about some intriguing Christmas traditions practised around the world.

Merry Christmas everyone! Read about some intriguing Christmas traditions practised around the world.

Merry Christmas everyone!

For those celebrating Christmas, are there any interesting and unusual traditions that your family has? Read on, for some of the rather unique Christmas traditions that are being practised in some other parts of the world.

Going to Christmas Mass on Roller Skates

It is quite common to attend early morning Christmas mass, but have you ever tried roller skating to attend mass? But believe it or not, this is actually a widely practised custom in Venezuela, where roads are even closed to traffic on Christmas morning to allow people to roller skate – to attend mass.

Eating KFC chicken on Christmas Eve

We usually associate Christmas with ham and turkey in most countries. But in Japan, Christmas is associated with deep-fried chickens because of a shortage of turkeys in the country. As a result, long lines always form outside KFC outlets on Christmas Eve, because people buy chicken by the bucket loads to bring back to their families – for their Christmas Eve celebratory meal.

Sitting inside a sauna – naked

It is actually common practice in Estonia, for families to sit together in a sauna on the night of Christmas Eve. Inside, they drink vodka and share stories with each other – often naked.

Hiding all brooms on the house

In Norway, many people believe that the witches are on the loose during Christmas Eve and they are looking for a form of transport. So it is a tradition there to hide all the brooms around the house during that night.

Decorating Christmas trees with spider webs

Many may see spider webs as nothing more than irritating. But in the Ukraine, spider webs signify good luck. In fact, households even decorate their Christmas trees with spider webs because they see it as giving them luck in the following year.

Searching for an almond inside a bowl of rice pudding

It is a common practice in Sweden to prepare a bowl of rice pudding and then hide a single piece of almond inside. According to the country’s tradition, the person who finds the almond inside their bowl of pudding will get married in one year’s time.

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