What Happened to Disappearing Malaysia Airlines MH370 Plane?

It was reported yesterday that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared completely and without a trace.

Update: NEW scientific theory on MH370’s disappearance. Click here to read more!

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared without a trace.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared without a trace. (Image from RT.com)

The plane carrying 239 people on board was on a six-hour flight from Malaysia to Beijing, China when it suddenly lost contact with the air tower in Malaysia and vanished.

The most mysterious thing about this whole episode is that there was no distress signal by the aircraft pilot, and the only evidence so far appears to be oil slicks appearing in the waters off the coast of Vietnam.

Moreover, it has been reported that the aircraft had disappeared when it was in cruise mode, which is usually supposed to be the safest part of an airplane flight.

In fact, only nine per cent of crashes in aviation history have taken place when the aircraft is in cruising mode, according to statistics of commercial aircraft accidents done by Boeing.

The majority of such aircraft accidents usually happen during take-off and landing.

Nevertheless, here are some possible scenarios that may have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 and why it did not leave a single trace at all.


This is a likely cause for the flight’s disappearance. Suicide bombers could have wanted to make a statement and warning to the public, so they hijacked the plane and the pilot could not send out a distress signal in time.

What makes this scenario more plausible is that it has since been discovered that two passengers, an Austrian and an Italian, were not actually on the flight as per the passenger list. So this means that two people had been travelling with stolen passports – and they may have been likely suicide bombers or terrorists.

Suicide by the Pilots

There have been aircraft crashes in the past whereby the pilot himself is on a suicide mission and is motivated to crash the entire plane, taking the passengers and cabin crew along with him to his death.

In fact, suicide by the pilot has happened before – in the late 1990s, with an Egypt Air flight. So this could be another possibility for what may have happened to the Malaysia Airlines flight.

A Bomb in the Luggage

There may have been a bomb tucked away in the cargo hold or hidden within the missing Malaysian Airlines flight that could have gone off without any warning. In the past, several planes have been thrown out of the air by bombs, including an Air India flight in 1985 and a Pan Am flight in 1988.

However, this may not be a very likely scenario, because when a bomb explodes, plenty of debris is produced and in the case of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, there was no debris, except oil slicks. It is not possible for all of the debris to have gone into the sea, without a single piece falling on land.

Engine failure

This is a common reason as to why a plane may crash in mid-air and it previously happened to a British Airlines flight in 2008.

However, with sudden engine failure, the pilot usually has about 20 minutes to make a distress call and this is more than enough time to send a mayday message to the air traffic controllers before the plane crashes, either on land or in the sea.

Disappeared into another dimension or time

For all we know, Flight MH370 could have disappeared into another dimension or gone into the future – such as in the Planet of the Apes movies or in Back to the Future, and now they are trying to find their way back to Earth. Food for thought, right?


Update: Click here for a NEW scientific theory explaining why MH370 vanished so suddenly and without a single trace.

Click here to find out what happened to MH370 when it entered in another dimension, told through the captain’s eyes.

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