Fifa World Cup Final 2014: Germany v Argentina

After a month of shocks, triumph and tragedies, Germany will meet Argentina at Brazil’s iconic Maracana – for the Fifa World Cup Final 2014.

While there were plenty of surprises, stunning results and plucky underdogs throughout the entire month of football madness, I think that it is no surprise that Germany and Argentina are the finalists. After all, both teams had always been tipped to be amongst the favourites to lift the trophy – right from the beginning of the tournament.

Germany and Argentina will meet in the final. (Image:

Germany and Argentina will meet in the final. (Image:

But between Germany and Argentina, who will become the Champions of the World? And who will have their dream shattered at the final hurdle?

My bet is on Germany to win. And here is why I think that Die Mannschaft will create history by becoming the first European time to clinch the Fifa World Cup trophy on South American soil.

Germans have had much more rest than Argentina

The Germans definitely have the edge in this game. They practically demolished the hosts within the first half-hour – in their semi-final against Brazil. After that, it was an easy stroll in the park. And with an extra day of rest compared to Argentina, the Germans would be fresher.

On the other hand, La Albiceleste suffered a battering and exhausting encounter against the Netherlands, in their semi-final match. It would definitely have taken a lot out of the players, and their bruised bodies may not be able to fully recover in time for the final.

Do Argentina rely too much on Messi? (Image:

Does Argentina rely too much on Messi? (Image:

Argentina rely too much on Messi

If you had been watching the Argentina v Holland game, you would probably have noticed how Louis Van Gaal’s men were able to easily keep Messi out of the game, to the point where he could barely do anything and was practically a spectator.

No doubt, the Germans would definitely have taken note of how to deal with Argentina’s most potent weapon.

And once Germany takes him out of the game, Argentina’s biggest threat will be completely eradicated. So if La Albiceleste wants to win the trophy, I think they will have to rely on their other players to produce that moment of magic. And based on what I saw against Holland, I don’t think Argentina can have that extra spark, without Messi to deliver it.

Germany has too much skill and talent

There is no one player that stands out in the German team. But they all play well together and work in unison with each other. As you had probably seen in the demolition derby on Tuesday night, they have great teamwork.

As well, Die Mannschaft has world-class players in almost every position, from goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, defender Mats Hummels and midfielder Thomas Mueller to striker Miroslav Klose. Against such outstanding players, La Albiceleste will definitely struggle. As long as Germany play in a similar way to how they demolished Brazil, they will have a great chance against Argentina.

Brazilians will be backing a German victory

If anything, the last thing that Brazilian people want is for Argentina, their fierce South American rivals, to clinch the Fifa World Cup in their own backyard.

So an entire nation of more than 200 million Brazilians will suddenly become German fans for the final.

Germany may have been the side directly responsible for the Selecao’s complete and utter demise. But still, the thought of a first European victory in South American definitely sounds more attractive to the heartbroken Brazilians – compared to their fiercest rivals digging the final nail into their coffin, by actually winning the trophy.

And as we know, fan support, commonly known as the 12th man, is very important to a football team, and can give them that little extra edge to steer them to victory. So I think that this too, will give the Germans just what they need to get their hands on the trophy.

Score Prediction: Germany 2-0 Argentina

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