Halloween Horror Night 3 at Resorts World Sentosa

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This is an annual event organised by Universal Studios Sentosa (USS) for the Halloween season that features scare zones, haunted houses and live music entertainment. The Universal Studios theme park is open after dark for the event and this year the hours are from 7pm until 1am.

Welcome to Halloween Horror Night 3 where you shall meet your fate!

Welcome to Halloween Horror Night 3 where you shall meet your fate!

The theme for this year’s Halloween Horror Night 3 is “Three Times the Evil” because the haunting story focuses on three ghostly sisters – one with a sweet but deadly voice, another who is heavily involved in black magic, and a third, a vampire who has an insatiable desire for human blood.

A Haunted Evening

The main attractions for the Halloween Horror Night 3 are basically the three scare zones and the three haunted houses.

As well, a few of the main park attractions are open – these include the popular Transformers: The Ride and The Mummy’s Revenge. Some of the other rides that are open during these hours are the Canopy Flyer, Accelerator, the Shrek 4D Adventure and Madagascar: A Crate Ride.

Scare Zones

Attack of the Vampires

Whittemore Cemetery, home of the vampires and werewolves.

Whittemore Cemetery, home of the vampires and werewolves.

The Whittemore vampire Cemetery is set at the New York area of the theme park and is full of not only vampires, but also werewolves and gargoyles. And if you think that you are prepared for it all, think again.

The creatures of the un-dead prowl around the cemetery in search for unsuspecting victims and they will pounce when you are least expecting it, so

The vampires are pretty, but they're also deadly.

The vampires are pretty, but they’re also deadly.

make sure that you are alert, no matter where you go. Sometimes they may pretend to be a stone and just pounce on you when you aren’t watching.

At this scare zone, I thought the 3D laser projection of the New York Library is quite amazing. Instead of the usually pristine building that we see at the park during the day, it is covered with dried, cracking blood and full of scary creepy-crawlies such as cockroaches and lizards. Look out for this, if you intend to go the Halloween Horror Night 3 at the Resorts World Sentosa.

While this scare zone definitely has the potential to be quite spooky, I frankly didn’t think it was at all, though. This was probably because of the large numbers of visitors walking through at a time. In fact, I thought some of the vampire characters were quite cute looking and not scary at all and so I even ended up posing with a few of them for souvenir photos.

Convention of Curses

Welcome to the Convention of Curses. Just don't get turned into a frog.

Welcome to the Convention of Curses. Just don’t get turned into a frog.

This focuses on the 366th Annual Convention of Curses, a place where all the best witches and wizards gather to practise the darkest black magic possible.

Held at the Ancient Egypt section of the Universal Studios theme park, it has witches and wizards selling their wares and performing gruesome curses with objects such as spiders and toads.

This interactive section is interesting because the characters try to make contact with the guests at the exhibit, but like the Attack of the Vampires exhibit, I didn’t really find it that scary. It actually reminded me more of a strange marketplace taking place in the dead of night, rather than a haunted zone that was really supposed to spook me. Perhaps this, once again, had something to do with the sheer number of people here.

It was also probably the least scary one, of the three scare zones at the park, in my opinion at least.

Forbidden Forest

If you come out of the Forbidden Forest alive, thank your lucky stars!

If you come out of the Forbidden Forest alive, thank your lucky stars!

This is a forsaken, deserted forest that is inhabited by a powerful witch practising black magic and the dark arts. She has the entire village under her command and is consumed by dark spells.

This scare zone is located at the Jurassic Park area in the theme park and I actually thought this one was the best out of the three scare zones. The music was very haunting and the smelly fog obscured our vision perfectly for the creatures of the forest to come sneaking out on us. In addition, the Jurassic Park area has plenty of good bushes, where the characters can easily hide, thus also contributing to the scare factor of this zone.

Haunted Houses

Because of the insanely long queues, I did not get a chance to venture inside the haunted houses. For example, the queue for Possession was more than two hours long when I reached the place. So I’m unable to give my personal take of the haunted houses.

But based on what I have heard from others, there were plenty of bottlenecks of  human traffic though, which spoiled the scare factor and the overall experience at the various houses.


Board the luxury cruise ship... of death!

Board the luxury cruise ship… of death!

This is a haunted ship rather than a haunted house. It brings guests on board a luxury cruise liner that went missing in the early 1900s. But the ghosts of the staff members and passengers still continue to haunt the vessel.

Songs of Death

This haunted house centres on a Chinese opera singer, who belts out songs of death and vengeance. She has a murderous heart and has become completely twisted by blood and murder.


Help yourself to some vampire blood if you're thirsty.

Help yourself to some vampire blood if you’re thirsty.

While the other two houses were not real houses, this one is a real house whereby haunted objects and the ghosts of past residents are aplenty. Based on online reviews though, this haunted house is supposed to be really good and it should leave an impact on its visitors. It’s a pity that I wasn’t able to try this out.

Halloween Horror Nights 3 is at Sentosa on 18 and 19 October, 25 and 26 October and every night from 31 Oct to 3 November. Tickets can be purchased online or directly at the booth at Resorts World Sentosa. 

For more information, visit their website.

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