Lifetime Channel: TV and Movie Highlights For September

If you love Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives, you’ll love Little Women: LA, featuring a unique group of sexy, smart and funny girlfriends with big hearts… and are all little people.

Or if you are into cooking, you’ll definitely be looking forward to the brand new season of Masterchef Australia, where the amateur chefs are better than ever.

Catch these programmes and more, on the Lifetime Channel (StarHub TV Ch 514) next month.

Here is a more in-depth list of highlights from the Lifetime Channel.

TV Highlights

Little Women: LA

Premieres 2 September

Tuesdays, 10.10pm 

Littie Women: LA. (Image Credit: Lifetime).

Littie Women: LA.
(Image Credit: Lifetime).

This is a docu-series about a group of smart, dynamic friends who are all living in Los Angeles. We take a look into their lives and follow them through the highs and lows and everyday happenings of being thirty-something women.

MasterChef Australia Season 6

Premieres 29 September

Mondays, 7.00pm 

Masterchef Australia. (Image credit: Lifetime)

Masterchef Australia.
(Image credit: Lifetime)

Catch the best group of amateur cooks that this competition has ever seen, in MasterChef Australia’s sixth season. Judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston scoured Australia for the best home cooks, selected the Top 245 to join them in the MasterChef Australia kitchen in Melbourne, and crushing the dreams of thousands of hopefuls in the process.

Movies – Tuesday Movie Night


Premieres 2 September

Tuesday, 8.00pm

Non-Stop. (Image Credit: Lifetime)

(Image Credit: Lifetime)

A mysterious thriller about a woman whose brief liaison with a handsome stranger on a plane, puts her, and everyone else on the flight, in terrible danger.

Starring Lacey Chabert, Drew Seeley, Will Kemp, David Lipper, Jim O’Heir, Betsy Russel and Veronica Cartwright.

Lucky in Love

Premieres 9 September

Tuesday, 8.00pm

Lucky In Love. (Image Credit: Lifetime).

Lucky In Love.
(Image Credit: Lifetime).

After a few April Fools jokes, Mira Simon’s vision of her fantasy life – of the perfect job, the perfect house and the perfect man – starts becoming a reality, and she soon realises that living her fantasy may not be as cool as it seems. Starring Jessica Szhor, Benjamin Hollingsworth and Deidre Hall.

Stolen from the Womb

Premieres 16 September

Tuesday 8.00pm

Diane and Rob Woodley are thrilled over her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Chelsey is unable to get pregnant – so she stalks Diane, kidnaps her and steals her child by giving her a labour-inducing drug, when her due date approaches. But the baby is suffering from a rare congenital condition that needs to be treated immediately – and must be found, before time runs out. Starrinbg Laura Mennell, Larisa Oleynik, Sebastian Spence and Corey Sevier.

A Sister’s Nightmare

Premieres 23 September

Tuesday 8.00pm 

A Sister's Nightmare. (Image Credit: Lifetime).

A Sister’s Nightmare.
(Image Credit: Lifetime).

After being released from the state hospital for the criminally insane, Cass torments her younger sister Jane, who is working as a young police officer. She also tries to get back her daughter, whom Jane has been raising. So Jane, who is unable to convince others that her sister is still dangerous, decides to take matters in her own hands and goes after her sister herself. Starring Kelly Rutherford, Natasha Henstridge, Peyton List and Matthew Settle.

Happy Face Killer

Premieres 30 September

Tuesday 8.30pm

Based on the grisly true crime story of a truck driver, who, during his work, travels across the country and kills numerous women – and leaves a confession of each murder with a scrawled happy face as a piece of evidence from his crime.

Starring David Arquette as the serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson and Gloria Reuben as Melinda Gand, the FBI investigator in charge of capturing him.

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