Malaysia Airlines Plane MH370 Disappearing Into Another Dimension

***NEW*** It has been confirmed that MH370 crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean. RIP to all the passengers and crew members. To find out why the plane may have crashed, click here.

Click here to read about the possibilities of what may have happened to MH370, on a serious note. But for a fictional account, read on.

What really happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? (Image from

What really happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? (Image from

Why did Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, apparently in the “safest mode” of the flight – the cruising mode – suddenly disappear without a trace? Here is a fictional account by the captain, of what happened to the plane during its disappearance.

A swirling, sparkling purple “black hole” appeared in front of me. One moment it was there – and then next, it seemed to be gone. I was puzzled and completely dumbstruck.

As the captain of Malaysia Airlines MH370, I had 18,365 hours of flying time tucked under my belt, so that made me a very experienced pilot. But in all of my flying history, I had never seen anything like this before.

It had been about 50 minutes into the flight from Malaysia to Beijing. The plane was in autopilot mode and everything appeared to be cruising comfortably. The passengers were relaxed and my 12 cabin-crew members were about to serve the passengers their dinner.

But then, the sinister-looking purple hole suddenly loomed up in front of me again. It reminded me of one of those black holes in outer space that suck people through a vacuum and they are never seen again. But this one was purple and I had never seen anything like it before.

The colour of the hole was really mesmerising. The vibrant and beautiful magenta-purple colours and the shimmering sequined, vortex-like appearance of the hole, appeared to be hypnotising and drawing me straight into it. Despite being an experienced pilot, I felt as though I was in a trance.

Before I knew it, I was leading Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 straight into the purple hole…

…and then the next thing I knew, I felt my stomach churning as the plane suddenly became sucked in. I felt the entire plane rising high into the air, propelled upwards by something that I couldn’t explain. I admit that I was feeling so petrified.

All around me, I couldn’t see anything except magenta-purple haze and shimmering purple stars.

My rational, scientific mind was scrambling to think of a possible scientific solution for what I was going through. But I was left completely dumbfounded. This seemed more like those Star Trek movies that I had watched as a child, instead!

I closed my eyes, preparing for the worst…

…and then, after what felt like an eternity, everything came to a stop.

I gingerly opened my eyes…

…and found myself staring straight into the eyes of a mutant creature, with a yellow lizard-like head, transparent wings and a black dinosaur’s body. It reminded me of the mutants from X-men.

I began to panic. Where was I? What was going to happen to all of the passengers under my care? My First Officer, Fariq, seemed to be just as dazed and confused as me. So I called my lead stewardess over and asked her to help walk down the rows and see if everyone was okay. But inside, my heart was racing.

After what felt like eternity, she came back and reported that all our passengers were alive and uninjured – but very scared. I breathed a sigh of relief.

But as the lead pilot, I had to figure out a way to get all of us out of this huge mess.

That was when I noticed not only one mutant animal-person in front of me but literally hundreds of them… and they were all completely surrounding my plane.

And like the first one I had seen, they all seemed to have an angry look on their faces. I panicked again.

Suddenly my logical mind dwelled on something. And I realised that they were all standing in formation… as though they were welcoming a leader….

…Who apparently arrived within a few more seconds, because I could hear his big, booming voice through my plane’s speakers.

“Greetings, Earth people. We have intercepted your flight with a powerful force field and changed your course to our world.

As you may have guessed, we live in an alternate world to yours, which is accessible through a purple force field, or black hole, as you may sometimes call it.

We are powerful mutants who need human slaves. That is why we called you and your plane here. We want you to work for us for the next 100 years.

Over the next few hours, our slave crew will come on board your plane and start picking off your passengers and crewmembers one by one.

As for you, Captain Zaharie, we have a very special fate for you – in the research laboratory, as a human subject.”

Nooo, this couldn’t be happening, I thought in despair. Now I was really panicking I desperately tried to think of a way out of this situation and find out how to save all of the people. None of the flying manuals or examinations had prepared me for this type of scenario.

I was really in a daze now. That was when I heard my First Officer Fariq’s voice speaking to the mutant people.

“You cannot keep us as slaves. It is not ethical. If your people let us go, we can try and create mechanical beings to work for you from our home and transport them here,” he said, in such a calm and serene voice that I was rather taken aback. He was only 27, but he really knew how to act in an emergency such as this.

But the mutant king was not buying any of it.

“What nonsense is this!” he laughed, “I command my mutant bee people surrounding this plane, to fly on board and capture the passengers now. Lock them in the dungeon. Oh, and Lady Icy, I want you to use your freezing powers and turn them into blocks of ice so that they can’t escape.”

“Yes Sir,” Lady Icy’s melodious female voice said, and I caught a brief glimpse of her large, blue face and snow-white hair. Continue >>

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