Missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 Plane: What Happened? A New Theory

A post by a university student on Tumblr, explaining a possible theory regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines jet MH370 – has gone viral on the Internet.

What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? (Image from flyflytravel.com)

What happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? (Image from flyflytravel.com)

Slow and Gradual Decompression

According to the online post, which had been written and put online by 20-year-old Stamford University Computer Science student Andrew Aude, the reason behind the plane’s problems was “cracking in the fuselage skin underneath the satellite communication (SATCOM) antenna adapter.” This resulted in a slow decompression that “gradually deprived all crew and passengers of oxygen, leaving the autopilot to continue along the route autonomously.”

Andrew feels that this slow rate of decompression may be why the pilots, cabin crew and passengers didn’t notice anything amiss – until hypoxia sets in and this renders everyone on the plane, even the pilots, unconscious. But by then, it would already be too late to save lives.

As well, Andrew notes that oxygen masks on the 777 are only deployed when the aircraft’s cabin altitude is at 13,500 feet – but by then, everyone on board the ill-fated flight would already have been well and truly knocked unconscious.

Satellite signals paralysed and autopilot activated

He added that if this happened, the satellite signals of the plane would have been paralysed too, thus explaining the sudden and mysterious disappearance of the plane completely from the radar.

But at the same time, he said that because of the plane’s autopilot features, it would have been able to continue flying for thousands of extra miles before running out of fuel and crashing.

So he thinks that this may be why search parties so far had been completely unsuccessful in locating the plane – because it was not at the spot whereby signals were lost, but actually many thousand miles away from this point.

The aircraft could be anywhere

As Andrew says in his article, “the aircraft may be at the floor of the East China Sea, Sea of Japan, or the Pacific Ocean thousands of miles northeast from the current search zone.” He notes that the plane may have either deviated from its original course, or flown many miles along the intended course before falling from the sky – due to a lack of fuel. But this is not confirmed, though.

Moreover, this plausible theory could also explain a possible sighting of the MH370 jet by Malaysian officials travelling at cruising altitude along the Strait of Malacca – more than 45 minutes after it had lost contact with the radar signals. The passengers may have been all rendered unconscious due to the slow decompression, but the plane was still able to fly on autopilot mode.

Mumbling by MH370 pilots

According to Andrew, this theory also explains the reason why the pilot of another plane heard the MH370 pilots mumbling – because they were on the verge of becoming unconscious.

To read Andrew’s Tumblr post in its entirety, click here.

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