Meeting Mika Häkkinen At The 2013 Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge F1 Singapore Party

I was fortunate to get an exclusive invite to the Singapore Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge Party this year – and came face-to-face with two-time Formula One (F1) champion Mika Häkkinen.


Step into the circuit at Johnny Walker Circuit Lounge.

This event was the premier F1 party and had indulgent surroundings, world-class entertainment and awesome Johnny Walker drinks.

This year, the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge Party was held on the night of 21 September, at Marina Bay Sands. The theme of the party was “Step Into The Circuit” and the dress code was “chic and glamorous” to encompass the luxurious theme of the party.

Johnny Walker Circuit Lounge.

Some of the entertainers present at the party included world-class DJs Mel DeBarge and Posso (both from the USA) and DJ Atran (from Singapore). DeBarge is well known for exclusive fashion, music and entertainment events in New York. Local celebrities such as Jean Danker were also there.

Here is a recount of my experience at the party and how I felt about coming up close to an F1 champion.

The gold doorway.

The gold doorway

Sheer Extravagance

When I reached the Event Hall at the Marina Bay Sands convention centre where the event was held, I was completely blown away by the sheer extravagance there, including the gold-coloured doorway. There were also some female FHM models at the entrance to the party, dressed entirely in gold clothing, posing for pictures with guests.

Johnnie Walker Flavour Lab

Experimenting with cocktails at the Flavour Lab.

Experimenting with cocktails at the Flavour Lab.

The first thing that greeted me inside the actual party venue was the Johnnie Walker Flavour Lab. This was an experimental bar where whisky fans experimented with signature bold and new flavours of Johnnie Walker drinks.

World-class bartenders from the internationally acclaimed Diageo Reserve world-class programme were at the party, to prepare special cocktails for the partygoers.

I must comment though, that there could have been more choices of non-alcoholic options for partygoers, besides just coke, green tea, soda and Coke Light. Many of the fruity beverages had already been mixed with alcoholic substances. With the message that night in the lounge about not drinking and driving being continuously reinforced to partygoers, I felt that more non-alcoholic drinks could have been made available.

Acrobats Performing

Acrobats performed at the party.

Acrobats performed at the party.

I thought the music was quite good, even though I may have left the party feeling as though my eardrums had burst, due to the sheer loudness of it. As the night wore on, I found myself unconsciously getting into the mood and grooving along to the songs, such as the theme song of last year’s James Bond blockbuster movie, Skyfall.

Besides the DJs and music that livened up partygoers the entire night, there were also acrobats performing in mid-air and I thought that their stunts were absolutely amazing.

Meeting former McLaren ace Mika Häkkinen

At about half an hour past midnight, Mika Häkkinen made an appearance at the

With Mika Häkkinen.

With Mika Häkkinen.

party. Flanked by his bodyguards, he strolled into the Circuit Lounge and was instantly mobbed by partygoers, who stared at him, star-struck and in complete awe.

When I first saw him, I was too stunned to move, but I eventually came to my senses and queued up to have a photo taken with him too.

The music was really loud, so even though Häkkinen was right next to me, I could not even ask him for a few comments to post on this blog – so sorry folks!

But at least everyone, including me, had a fabulous time at the party and I must say that it was indeed a night to remember.

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