How To Beat Odus The Owl’s Dreamworld Level 47 Candy Crush

This is a relatively straightforward level of the Dreamworld mode of Candy Crush Saga, whereby you must score 150,000 points from 30 moves.

Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 47.

Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 47

However, you are faced with a big problem here – and this comes in the form of Odus the Owl. Apparently you just need to get seven candies of the wrong colour – and Odus falls off his perch. If he does, it means that you immediately lose the game, no matter how many points you have scored up until this point.

So here are some tips to get you through Level 47 of Candy Crush Saga’s Dreamworld mode, and keep Odus on his perch at the same time.

Play it safe

If you have the chance to get some really big combos early in the game, try not to play them. Do your best to play it safe, for example, by matching three candies only. This is because playing combos will most likely result in Odus toppling over, as I have encountered countless time in this level.

You will get a huge moonstruck effect towards the end of this level, as well as a generous five moves in Moonstruck mode, so wait for this to play your big moves and special candies. So just play it on the safe side until then, to prevent yourself from losing the game before you play your final five moves. Use those to rack up the scores and propel yourself to the next level.

Watch Odus the Owl carefully

Keep a careful eye out on Odus the owl, as this is a Dreamworld level after all. As he has the tendency to get “drunk” and fall off his perch, you must watch him, especially after a cascading effect has taken place at this level. Don’t forget that these candies also add to the candy counter on Odus the owl’s perch.

So to ensure that he does not fall off his perch, you have to play your candy colours carefully and don’t overdo it with either of the two colours on the Moon Scale.

Try playing on a computer

Many players seem to think that this level is easier being played on a computer rather than a portable mobile device because of the. So if you are having problems with this Dreamworld level, and you have been playing the game on your smartphone or tablet, you could try logging in from a computer and see if you can finally beat it from there.

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  • Trilac says:

    I conquered the level by clashing wrapped candies with striped ones.

  • Edmund says:

    Definitely use a nonmobile device for Owl 47.

  • mary says:

    Been playing on kindle for months. Been stuck for months on level 140 on saga and 47 on dreamworld. Took the advice to play on computer and got right thru them.

  • Jane says:

    Brilliant. I had given up on this level as I am doing it on an Ipad. But having read these tips I’ve managed it in about 6 tries. Thanks so much.

  • Mike says:

    This level is easier than you think if you do one two things. 1) The points before the moonstruck don’t matter at all. It’s all about the post moonstruck. 2) Eliminate colours NOT associated with the odus balance colours. That way when the moonstrike happens, it will take out all the colours associated with the Odus colours and you will rack up points really fast. I read this on another site and it took 2-3 tries.

  • thiis level sucks says:

    i don’t get any free moves when odus does get moonstruck. Hardest part is keeping that dang bird from faling off. and if i do keep him from falling off and get moonstruck. i have only 2 -3 moves left and can’t get to 150,000

    I refuse to spend money and i am damn about to quit this game. i just started about 2 weeks ago. got to level 100

  • Jane says:

    I only get 3 moves once when Moon Struck not the 5 you mention. I upgrade whenever I get the opportunity so believe I have the latest version. I am getting nowhere near the 150000 score required. I just can’t see how this level is possible. I use an ipad. Any ideas?

    • Priscilla says:

      If you have been playing the free booster wheel daily, you may want to try using the colour bombs and striped/wrapped candies. But when you play these, be careful that Odus does not fall. Playing them during the Moon Struck mode can push up the number of points but eliminate the possiblity of Odus falling off. Hope that helps.

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