Orvieto Café: Best Café in Auckland, New Zealand

According to online reviews, this busy café in the Mt Eden area, is considered as the best café in Auckland, New Zealand (NZ) because the food and coffee is top-notch. The service is also first-class and the food comes out in record time – despite the huge crowds during the weekends.

This busy cafe is said to be one of Auckland's best.

This busy cafe is said to be one of Auckland’s best

The Menu

There is a good menu selection including all-day American set breakfast items, such as eggs benedict. As well, pasta dishes and sandwiches, cakes, muffins and a range of coffees and other non-caffeinated beverages are also available.

We ordered a Power breakfast set, comprising of sausages, bacon, eggs, toast and mushroom sauce and also eggs benedict, their delicious homemade hash browns and a savoury muffin.

Finally, to wash down the food, I also ordered a hot chocolate drink. My companions had coffee.

Power Breakfast

My scrumptious Power Breakfast.

My scrumptious Power Breakfast

I thought this breakfast set was absolutely yummy. My favourite part of this set was probably the poached eggs. They were cooked to perfection with the yolk still runny but not raw. The sausages were also really tasty, moist and juicy.

I also loved the bacon because it was crispy and full of flavour. The multigrain toast was hot and crunchy and went very well together with the mouth-watering mushroom sauce.

Eggs Benedict

Delicious eggs benedict.

Delicious eggs benedict.

This was served with two huge poached eggs placed on top of two halves of an English muffin. There was bacon and spinach underneath the eggs to add some bulk and colour to the dish.

I thought this tasted really great. The poached eggs in this dish were just as good as the ones from the Power Breakfast. The bacon and spinach added a lovely flavour to the dish and the crunchy yet soft English muffin balanced out everything perfectly.

Home Made Hash Browns

The cafe's scrumptious hash browns.

The cafe’s scrumptious hash browns.

We ordered these hash browns as a side dish. They were served on a plate with three pieces of hash browns arranged nicely with a piece of parsley for decoration.

They were fried to perfection and were extremely crispy on the outside, yet the potato inside was soft and moist. In fact they were so good that I found myself gobbling up my share of the hash browns, within seconds.

Savoury Muffin

Mouth-watering savoury muffins.

Mouth-watering savoury muffins.

The two halves of the muffin were served on a plate together with a very generous slab of butter. I found the taste really unusual and very interesting. I could taste a mixture of carrots and spring onions in the muffin, plus a few other ingredients that I could not really detect. After I had gotten over the initial uniqueness of the muffin taste, I began to find it rather delicious.

Hot Chocolate

When this hot chocolate was served, it was too beautiful to drink! The barista had made a really beautiful heart-shaped decoration on top, and I could not bear to break it up at first.

Creative flower design in the hot chocolate cup.

Creative flower design in the hot chocolate cup.

It was not the best chocolate drink that I have had, but still tasted quite good. The chocolate flavour was strong enough for me, but at the same time, not overpowering. The drink was also not too sweet and that suited me perfectly.


My companions enjoyed their coffee (a long black and a flat white) and said that their drink had a nice coffee aroma.

The Service

I really have to commend the service here. It is really fast and efficient. Within mere minutes of ordering our food, it arrived – piping hot. I was really impressed and wondered how they had managed to prepare our food so quickly. As well, the staff members are very friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help diners. For example, they went out of the way to find an empty table for us – despite the café being packed at the time.

Overall Comments

I would definitely want to make a trip to this awesome café again, if I am back in Auckland. The food is excellent and the service is just great.

Orvieto Cafe

935 Mt Eden Rd,
Mt Eden 1042,
Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: 09-630 5046

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