Pokemon Go Singapore Spawn Nest Change Migration *3 November 2016*

Pokemon Go Spawn Nest Changes 17 November

Here is the latest spawn nest change migration information for the Pokemon Go Singapore app.

Pokemon Go Nests have changed again.

Pokemon Go Nests have changed again.


For trainers living near the East, you can now farm Abra at East Coast Park Area F near Carpark F2. This is the part of the park near the Sunset Bay restaurant where there are a couple of PokeStops.


And for those who are looking to power up their Venusaur, you can farm Bulbasaur and Bulbasaur candies at Jurong Central Park. This is good news for Pokemon trainers in the Western part of Singapore.


West Coast Park.

West Coast Park.

Exeggcutor is a rather good Pokemon for gyms. To power up your Exeggcutor, you can catch Exeggcute and farm Exeggcute candies at Pearl Hill city park as well as West Coast Park near the McDonald’s outlet.


And for trainers living in the Far East, I have got news that the Changi Beach Park has become a Geodude nest.


There is a Growlithe Pokemon nest at the Beauty World area, for those Pokemon Go Trainers in Singapore who are looking to farm Growlithe


Gardens by the bay.

Gardens by the bay.

You can now farm Kabuto at the Gardens by the bay, for those who are looking for a Kabutops to complete their Pokedex.


There is a Machop nest at Woodlands Street 13 too, as well as around the Tanah Merah Country Club.


Bukit Batok Nature Park.

Bukit Batok Nature Park.

And if you are looking for a Primeape, you can head on to Bukit Batok Nature Park or Punggol Waterway Park to farm Mankey and evolve them into a Primeape Pokemon.


Now there is also an Omanyte nest at East Coast Park Zone H, for those who are looking for an Omastar to evolve in order to complete their Pokedex.


There is now a Ponyta nest at Jurong West Street 62 too. This is good for trainers who are living in the Western part of Singapore.


There are also two Rhyhorn nests in Singapore now and these are at the Marina Bay MRT Station as well as at Pasir Ris Park near the Central Plaza area.


East Coast Skate Park.

East Coast Skate Park.

A couple of Squirtle nests in Singapore can be found too, and these are at the East Coast Park Skate Park (Area E) and the Bedok Reservoir. Both will suit trainers living in the East, who want to power up their Blastoise Pokemon.


And there is a Vulpix nest at Tampines Sun Plaza Park for those who are living in the Eastern part of Singapore and want Ninetales to complete their Pokedex.

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