Puma Launches Forever Faster 2 Concept Stores in Singapore 

Recently Puma launched two new Forever Faster 2 concept stores in Singapore – these are located at Paragon and Bugis+.

Conceptualised to mirror Puma’s brand ethos

The stores, introducing the new Forever Faster concept by Puma, are to mirror PUMA’s brand ethos of weaving sports into lifestyle. So they will house the widest selection of the latest offerings from PUMA’s athletic fashion and fitness categories for both lifestyle wear as well as training purposes.

Said Gabriel Yap, the Head of Marketing at Puma South East Asia, “With the rise in sporting habits and the convergence of athletic wear and fashion across the globe, we saw an opportunity to highlight our unique offerings to better cater to the needs of consumers.”

Continued Yap, “The launch of the Forever Faster 2 stores has been a really exciting venture for us. So I am confident that the introduction of this new platform will heighten the brand experience with a more focused and distinct curation of our key products.”

Invited to the launch of the Paragon Store

I had been recently invited to the recent launch of Puma’s 979 square foot Forever Faster 2 concept store at Paragon – situated in the heart of Orchard Road, the heart of Singapore’s shopping district.

Taking a look through the Paragon store and seeing what had been available there, the first thing that I had noticed was the large shoe wall that had consisted of a wide selection of performance, training and lifestyle shoes.

The particular model of shoe that had caught my eye though, I must admit, was this shiny looking gold coloured sneakers. I couldn’t help thinking that wearing these shoes would make a great lifestyle statement during the upcoming Chinese New Year!

This intriguing shoe wall, according to Puma, ties in well with the company’ strong heritage as a footwear company.

Apart from the shoe wall, Puma performance and lifestyle apparel are also available at the concept store, and colours available are from bright ones such as orange and hot pink, to more dull and muted ones, such as black and grey, to cater to different tastes and preferences of athletes.

The layout of the apparel at the concept store, is also clearly split up into male and female apparel ranges, with the purpose of enhancing the consumer’s experience of the distinctive PUMA brand DNA throughout their entire journey.

At the same time, the layout is strategised to facilitate ease and aid customer understanding of the products – all with the intention to offer an enhanced purchasing experience for all shoppers.

Launching the Puma Swan Pack

Besides the official opening of the Paragon store, Puma had also launched their Swan Pack Spring/Summer 17 collection at the event. This is a contemporary versatile line of apparel for both workout and street wear. It comes in the form of an explosive body suit featuring a cross back and a swan cape, to give it a very sleek and functional looking design.

Taking a look at the Swan Pack apparel, it had definitely looked graceful, like a swan. And to commemorate the launch of the new collection as well, Puma also had a group of dancers, whom they had called the Puma Swans, to perform a dance at the store, to the cheers of the attending media at the event.

Puma Concept Stores

The Paragon

290 Orchard Road, Singapore 238859

Unit #04-43

10am – 10pm Daily


201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067

Unit #02-18

10:30am-10:00pm Daily

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