Secrets of a Dot Com Millionaire: Fabian Lim

Click! Work Anytime, Live Anywhere, By Fabian Lim, Director of


This is a book written by a Dot Com millionaire to show others that you don’t have to “work hard and slave long hours” to be a millionaire.


Fabian Lim is an Internet entrepreneur and lives a lifestyle that is the envy of his peers. For example, he has his own plane to fly him around the world for holidays and business.

His partner, Simon Leung says that Fabian has a “lazy, yet successful lifestyle” and has gone on to make more money than he has ever dreamed of, since the days when he was working as a wedding videographer, supplementing his income as a pianist and a magician.

But this Internet entrepreneur does not have planned workdays. Instead, Fabian just “literally whips out his iPad or smartphone… and instantly is in business.” Today, he has created two Internet start-ups, with investors always ready to invest in his ventures.

So what are his “rags to riches” secrets?

In the book, Fabian Lim discusses these under five parts, ranging from “Discovering how to think like the New Rich” to “Blowing off the lid off traditional business wisdom” and “How to turn Bits and Bytes into real profit.”

It breaks all the stereotypes on how to get rich and says you don’t use “common sense to start a business.” Instead, “you must dare to be different (and) dare to take the road less travelled.”

This book gives you plenty of ideas on how to start up a successful Internet business, but in the second half, it may be a bit heavy going. It also assumes some knowledge of Internet marketing first. But the author gives you plenty of advice on useful tools to automate and help with your Internet venture. For example, he talks about sharing files and folders with Dropbox and doing mobile document editing with QuickOffice.

The book does offer plenty of tips on how to make your millions. These are practical and useful, coming from an entrepreneur who has had to learn everything the hard way – all by himself.

It is currently on Kinokuniya and the Straits Times Bestsellers lists.

Fabian Lim’s book is available at major bookstores and costs $24 a copy.





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