A 24-year-old is Singapore’s biggest SG50 fan

Tay Zhi Wen, aged 24, has been crowned as Singapore’s SG50 biggest fan. And her reward is an exclusive Airbnb staycation at the Esplanade and four tickets to the National Day Parade.

To win the contest, Tay had to submit a 15-second video to wish Singapore a happy birthday. She had impressed the judges with her creative musical mashup of Happy Birthday and this year’s National Day song, Our Singapore, using the violin and erhu.

Video Credit: Tay Zhi Wen

Tay and her family have a deep love for the Esplanade

Having performed several times at The Esplanade with the Singapore Youth Chinese Orchestra and Chung Cheng High School (Main) Chinese Orchestra, Tay and her family have a deep love for the arts and the Esplanade.

Said Tay, “When I received a call from the SG50 Organising Committee, I just couldn’t believe my ears. I’m happy that I won. Having performed at Esplanade many times before, this will be a really great chance for my family and I to experience Esplanade like never before, in a more intimate and personal way. We are very grateful and feel privileged that we have been offered this special opportunity to celebrate SG50 in this way.”

Tay Zhi Wen, SG50's biggest fan at the Esplanade.

Tay Zhi Wen, SG50’s biggest fan at the Esplanade. Photo credit: Esplanade

She will be joined by her brother and her boyfriend – a music composer, for the exciting one-in-a-lifetime stay at the Esplanade. Tay’s mother, whose fervent support has given her the chance to realise her dreams, will also be accompanying her.

Esplanade wil resemble a 1960s style Singaporean mansion

The Esplanade will be refurbished to resemble a 1960s style Singaporean mansion, comprising of old and authentic pieces of furniture that have stood the test of time since the 1960s and lovingly restored. The performances, sound effects and stage lighting will also be mimicking the 1960s right down to a tee.

One of the bedrooms at The Esplanade.

One of the bedrooms at The Esplanade. Photo credit:Esplanade

Singaporean actress, Oon Shu An, will also play host and take the four on a tour back to 1960s Singapore. There, they will enjoy a myriad of arts performances, behind-the-scenes tours of the Esplanade, a dinner at the Esplanade rooftop cafe and end their eventful staycation with tickets to the National Day Parade 2015 at the Padang.

Welcoming all Singaporeans to come to the Esplanade during the National Day weekend

Zhi Wen and her family.

Zhi Wen (3rd from left) and her family. Photo credit: Esplanade.

Said Rachel Yee, Head, Service Delivery and Standards, at The Esplanade Co Ltd, “We are excited to host Zhi Wen and her family at the Esplanade. Her birthday wish for Singapore was not only creative but heartwarming and we hope they will enjoy the experience of staying at a venue that some of the best artistes from Singapore and around the world have performed before. We would also like to welcome all Singaporeans to celebrate SG50 with us at the Esplanade, where there will be arts performances and activities by our very talented Singaporean artistes.”

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