Opening of Singapore Sports Hub’s 100PLUS Promenade: A New 888-Metre Sports Track

Sports Hub Chief Operating Officer Oon Jin Teik (left) and Dato' Ng Jui Sia, Chief Executive (non-alcoholic beverages) Fraser and Neave, unveiling the Promenade.

Sports Hub Chief Operating Officer Oon Jin Teik (left) and Dato’ Ng Jui Sia, Chief Executive (non-alcoholic beverages), Fraser and Neave, unveiling the Promenade.

The 100PLUS Promenade, an 888-metre sports track, was unveiled yesterday at the Singapore Sports Hub, to much fanfare. Read on to find out more about the unveiling and the inaugural run at the 100PLUS Promenade.

The starting gun went off with a loud bang.

Almost immediately, the media photographers all around me clamoured for position to try and get pictures and a good glimpse of the runners.

They were rewarded within minutes. Clad in a bright orange singlet, a young teenage boy zoomed round the corner at top speed – holding a silver baton in his hand.

Cameras clicked and lightbulbs flashed.

Completely unfazed

Bryce runs the inaugural lap of the 100 Plus Promenade.

Bryce runs the inaugural lap of the 100PLUS Promenade.

But the teenager, Bryce Chong, was completely unfazed. He continued running, until he reached the centre of the makeshift stage – and then handed over the silver baton to Oon Jin Teik, the Chief Operating Officer of the Singapore Sports Hub.

His schoolmate at the Singapore Sports School, Lerhan Muhammad Raushan, soon joined him, approaching the stage from the opposite end of the track. Lerhan passed his silver baton to Dato’ Ng Jui Sua, CEO of Non-Alcoholic Beverages at Fraser and Neave (F&N).

100PLUS Promenade officially opens

With this, the 100PLUS Promenade was officially opened.

The sports track is a brand new 888m running and cycling track around the new National Stadium. Offering scenic views of the city skyline, it also functions as a walkway for easy access to other areas of the Sports Hub.

The 100 Plus Promenade in all its glory.

A view of the 100PLUS Promenade

Explained Oon, “The 100PLUS Promenade is at a very strategic location. It is the main connectivity between the Sports Hub and the outside world. Through the Promenade, it is easy to get to the National Stadium and to other parts of the precinct.”

Free for the public usage

The Promenade is free for the public’s access and usage, and is open 24 hours a day. So this means that even if busy workers near the vicinity knock off late, they can still drop by for their daily jog.

A part of Singapore History

Bryce and Lerhan had been the two young athletes who were selected from the Singapore Sports School to run the very first lap around the 100PLUS Promenade. Both boys represent Singapore in running and triathlon and they specialise in the 3km to 5km races.

The two athletes, Bryce and Lerhan, hand over the 100 Plus batons. (Credit: F&N)

The two athletes, Bryce and Lerhan, handing over the 100PLUS batons. (Credit: F&N)

On how he had felt at being chosen to make his mark on Singaporean sporting history – with this milestone – Bryce, a 17-year-old Secondary Four student, said, “It is pretty amazing actually, and I felt honoured to have been selected. Running here was a pretty fun experience too. This makes me feel good at how the Sports Hub is going to develop and I think it’ll be a really fantastic place for local sports.”

Added Lerhan, who is 15 and in Secondary Three, “I felt quite happy because we are the first two in our school to run here.” These two boys had been selected out of more than 300 athletes.

Great way to mark F&N’s 130th anniversary

Bryce and Lerhan weren’t the only ones to have marked a milestone, though. In fact, this collaboration of 100PLUS and the Singapore Sports Hub was also an occasion to celebrate F&N’s 130th anniversary.

The value of this 100PLUS sponsorship with the Sports Hub is around $2 million.

You can get cool and refreshing 100 Plus drinks at the Sports Hub. (But sorry folks, not the girl though).

You can get cool and refreshing 100PLUS drinks at the Sports Hub. (But sorry folks, not the girl though).

Key part of Singapore Sports Hub’s Experience Sports Programme

100PLUS will also be a key part of the Singapore Sports Hub’s Experience Sports and Community Programme.

This initiative lets people from all walks of life engage in fitness activities, such as learning to play a new sport or having fun at try-outs. There will be something interesting to do every weeknight and weekends, from 28 June to 30 July. And 100PLUS will be the official isotonic drink available for participants to hydrate and replenish ions.

Said Dato’ Ng, “Partnering with the Singapore Sports Hub reinforces our continued commitment to promote an active lifestyle once to one and all. We are grateful for our partnership with Singapore Sports Hub, the ultimate venue for all in pursuit of an active lifestyle.”

Spur more Singaporeans to get out and be active

And the Dato’ definitely hopes that the unveiling of the 100PLUS Promenade at the Singapore Sports Hub, will help to spur more Singaporeans on to get out there and be active.

He explained, “The naming of the 100PLUS Promenade, which serves as a main walkway for the public to access different venues and facilities with ease, while doubling up as an 888-metre running track, is a great symbol for how this partnership will connect communities and inspire active lifestyles.”

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