Start your day with McDonald’s new breakfast wrap

McDonald’s Singapore have introduced the new Breakfast Wrap with Spinach – for a hearty and healthy morning perk me up, packaged to fit the palm of your hand.

Comprises of baby spinach leaves

The wrap consists of scrambled eggs served between chicken bacon and topped with hash brown, caramelised onions, cheese and baby spinach leaves. It comes in a wholegrain tortilla together with savoury McChicken® sauce.

This item is the first McDonald’s breakfast food to contain some form of greens.

McDonald’s fans have a mixture of thoughts on the spinach

The response by McDonald’s fans to the new item on Facebook, had been met with mixed reactions.

Said Peter Hirgon on the McDonald’s Singapore Facebook page, “And now you have greens for breakfast, after so many years… finally…”

Added Kristine Ang, “It’s healthy… there’s spinach inside.”

However, a Facebook user who goes by the moniker of Chick Bang, had tried the wrap and said, “Tried and tasted. The spinach isn’t fresh though.”

The Breakfast Wrap with Spinach comes on top of McDonald’s currently existing range of breakfast wraps – which include the Chicken Sausage and the Chicken Ham wrap.

Available from SGD $4.45

The new wrap is available from SGD $4.75 in a Grab-and-Go set, which comes with a choice of coffee or tea.

This wrap is also available a-la-carte at SGD $4.45 or as part of an Extra Value Meal for SGD$ 5.95. Each Extra Value Meal comes with either coffee or tea, as well as a choice between a hash brown or a 3oz corn cup.

The Breakfast Wrap with Spinach is available while stocks last during breakfast hours (before 11am).

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