Frank Lampard of Chelsea is her idol !

She loves Chelsea and England midfielder Frank Lampard. In fact, he was the very reason why Hoe Wei Ling originally fell in love with this London football club. His motivation and commitment to the game had completely wowed her – not to mention his fantastic goal-scoring record.


Reproduced with permission from Hoe Wei Ling

Today, she is just as passionate about football as ever and thanks to Lampard, the 23-year-old credit officer has become a dedicated fan of English club Chelsea FC.

I caught up with Wei Ling to ask her more about her interest in watching the popular sport and why she enjoys it so much. 

Wei Ling, what originally made you interested in watching football?


Reproduced with permission from Hoe Wei Ling

When I was young, my family would watch the World Cup together. That sparked my interest in football.

How often do you catch football games and where do you usually watch them?

I watch all the games that my Chelsea team plays, in the comfort of my own home!

What is your response to guys who claim that girls simply watch football for the “eye candy” and don’t actually have an interest in the game?

I guess we cannot really blame them for thinking that way because I do know of a lot of girls who watch football solely for the guys, and you can easily spot these girls compared to those who actually watch the game seriously. But I’d say that guys should not stereotype all girls. There are those who really enjoy watching the game – and the good-looking players are just a bonus.

Why don’t more girls follow football?


Reproduced with permission from Hoe Wei Ling

I quote my friends and non-football fans, “What’s so fun about watching 22 guys chase after a ball?”

Would you play football yourself if you had the chance?

No, I wouldn’t. I tried playing before and I failed miserably at the basic dribbling of the ball!

Who do you think will win the Barclays Premier League (BPL) title this coming season and why?

Both Chelsea and Arsenal are looking pretty good in their pre-season matches – six wins out of seven for

Reproduced with permission from Hoe Wei Ling

Reproduced with permission from Hoe Wei Ling

Chelsea in the pre-season. Mourinho’s team also won their first two BPL games of the season. It is going to be interesting to see how the manager is going to perform when the heat is on, but he (Mourinho) is The Special One after all, so I’m going to have to say Chelsea (a little biasness here).

Frank Lampard. I have never seen a more dedicated and committed individual. And not forgetting his goal scoring record – 203 goals for a midfielder is just insane.

How long have you been supporting Chelsea for?

12 years! I started supporting in 2001, when Chelsea signed Lampard from West Ham.

Any player(s) that you think your club should sign before the transfer window closes?

The team is looking pretty good at the moment. However, we do need a striker and as much as I hate to admit it, Wayne Rooney is the man for this job.

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