Indoor Skydiving Without the Danger @ iFly Singapore

Who says that skydiving is just about jumping out of an aeroplane? Now, it is possible to do so without planes and parachutes, at an indoor skydiving simulator.

iFly Singapore, which is located at the Beach Station (a 20-minute walk from Siloso Beach), in Sentosa, contains the largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving (or bodyflying). Winds there can reach up to 300km per hour and you get the thrills and adrenaline rush but at the same time, without the bad weather and the need to jump out of an aircraft.

I tried out this indoor bodyflying facility recently.

iFly Singapore.

iFly Singapore

Walled Wind Tunnel

On arrival, I immediately noticed the glass-walled wind tunnel, whereby thrill-seekers were having fun and flying around inside. As I had arrived early for my session, I stood and watched them for a while. I stared at the flyers, transfixed, for a few minutes. They seemed so graceful, flying like birds. I wondered whether I would ever be able to fly so serenely.

Soon, I made my way to the check-in counter to register myself for the bodyflying session.

Videos to Watch

Duelling in midair.

Duelling in midair.

I was required to arrive 40 minutes before my flying session to receive proper training in safety measures before entering the wind tunnel.

The training was mainly in the form of watching videos whereby the basic procedures inside the wind tunnel were taught, as well as the meaning of certain hand gestures that the instructors would be using.

After the video sessions, there was a live demonstration by an instructor, who reinforced the hand gestures to ensure that the whole group scheduled for our time slot knew what these meant.

We were then finally ready to step into the wind tunnel. I was excited, but nervous.

A Bodyflying Suit to be Worn

A bodyflying suit, goggles, earplugs and a helmet, were needed to be worn, before stepping into the wind tunnel.

Covered shoes and socks were also required. If anyone weren’t wearing these, they had to rent them.

Flyers helping up a friend who's about to fall to the ground.

Flyers helping up a friend who’s about to fall to the ground.

Scary Experience

When my turn for bodyflying came, I must say that my first experience was exhilarating, but at the same time, slightly scary. When I went inside the wind tunnel for the first flight, the strength of the wind completely hit me and it took some time getting used to this. It was something that you really have to experience in order to fully understand.

At the very beginning, a part of me still felt as thought the wind would completely blow me away. For example, I was supposed to straighten my legs and maintain a curved body position, but the mere shock of the wind strength prevented me from doing so at first.

Getting Used To The Howling Wind

However I was calmed and comforted by the fact that the instructor was there to ensure my safety and that nothing scary would happen. So I eventually managed to gain my composure, get used to the feeling of the howling wind and remember some of the things that I had learned during the training session.

Would I return here again?

Would I return here again?

When I subsequently returned to the wind tunnel for my second and third attempts, I felt much more prepared for these and slowly started to get more used to the feeling of the wind and was able to stabilise myself better. It was a pity that the session ended so quickly. Towards the end, I was starting to really feel the adrenaline that bodyflyers and skydivers get. If only I had a few more rounds inside the wind tunnel, I would be gliding around like a seagull

It was definitely an enjoyable experience and one that I would certainly not mind doing again.

Normal prices starts at $79 per adult at iFly Singapore. 

iFly Singapore
43 Siloso Beach Walk,
Sentosa Island,
Singapore 099010
Phone: +65 6571 0000

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  • nws says:

    That reminds me of my first attempt at iFly Singapore on my birthday! very memorable experience but i find the flying sessions too short =(

    Good and short review post!

    • Priscilla says:

      Thanks! Yup, especially when you’re enjoying yourself and just starting to get the hang of it, the “flying” sessions can feel pretty short.

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