New Year Resolutions With A Difference

Happy New Year, everyone!

To start off the year positively, my first post for 2014 will be on New Year resolutions.

Happy New Year 2014 to all of my blog readers!

Happy New Year 2014 to all of my blog readers!

Have you always been rattling off the same old New Year resolutions – for example, going to the gym weekly, giving up your bad habit of smoking and having more family time – but only for these to fall flat after the first few weeks into the New Year?

Well, don’t make New Year resolutions that you can’t keep any more. Think carefully about what you want to achieve this year – then do it. Here’s a few that may help to get you to get started. 

Make a new friend regularly

Why not use the New Year to increase your social circle and get to know more people?

To make new friends though, you don’t have to go online, attend social events or even join clubs. While these avenues are good to get to know more people, you can also make friends much closer to home. How about with that neighbour whom you always see but never get the chance to talk to? Or how about with that new colleague at work? Why don’t you try making friends with him or her? Maybe you could ask the person out to lunch one day?

Try a new food

Why not try to introduce a new food into your diet regularly? Believe it or not, many people aren’t eating enough of simple foods. The diet of thousands of people in developed countries is sorely lacking in vitamins and nutrients from basic foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

So to begin with, you can check out the fruit and vegetable sections in your local supermarket on your next trip there – and maybe pick up a fruit or some vegetables that you’ve been eyeing, but have never tried before.

Learn A New Basic Skill

Why not make a resolution to learn a basic skill this year – something that you have been meaning to do but haven’t? Do you know basic skills, such as swimming, riding a bike or roller-skating – learnt as a child? If you don’t, then this is definitely a New Year resolution that you could consider.

Do something different

If you are finding that your life is very boring and routine, how about make a New Year resolution to try to do something completely different on a regular basis?

This does not have to be doing something extraordinary – it could just be a simple change to your everyday routine. For example, if you have always done your morning runs round your estate, why not change that and take the bus or train to a random location – and start your runs from there?  Alternatively if you are always ordering a takeaway latte every morning, try and change this routine by ordering a cappuccino instead. Just by changing something small on a regular basis and making this simple New Year resolution, you will find your life looking a lot less boring and mundane because of that.

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