Rent A Boyfriend for Chinese New Year

Nowadays, it is becoming more popular for eligible females in China to rent a boyfriend during the Chinese New Year period. This is because relatives often litter these females with questions about being attached and marriage – if they are single. Girls are traditionally expected to get married and start a family, so relatives and parents are often worried if no boyfriend is in sight.

You can rent a boyfriend during CNY and pretend that you are in love.

You can rent a boyfriend during CNY and pretend that you are in love.

This rental practice is also picking up in Singapore, as reported by The New Paper (TNP) today. In this article, it reports that more females are going to social escort agencies to hire boyfriends to keep questions on being attached and marriage at bay – during Chinese New Year.

But is such a practice beneficial?


Stops the questions

The renting of boyfriends will definitely keep the relatives happy and they will stop asking questions, if the girl lets them see a boyfriend during the Chinese New Year period.

This is especially so in families where they strongly believe in the traditional idea that the main role of girls is to get married and bear children.

To them, seeing a boyfriend means that the girl has found someone – and marriage may be on the cards soon.

May even result in a real-life romance

It could sound uncanny, but sometimes, the hiring of a boyfriend may even result in a real-life romance if the couple finds that they are suitable for each other. This could be the case if both parties realise that they are able to connect well with each other. So something that started off as a mere ruse could even turn into reality.

Could help the girl to decide what sort of a boyfriend she wants

Sometimes, hiring a fake boyfriend could also give the girl a better idea of what qualities she would like in an eventual boyfriend. As a result, it could put her in a better position to find a real life partner – with the qualities that she may want.


It is misleading

Indulging in such practices is misleading relatives. When the girl introduces the escort as her boyfriend, the relatives will probably be convinced too, as long as the pair have some form of chemistry and they are both able to relate well to each other.

But at the same time, it misleads the relatives. If the girl hires the same boyfriend for next year, the relatives may soon even ask when the marriage will take place.

It is expensive

Some girls may think that it is worth it to part with thousands of dollars on the hire of a boyfriend. In Singapore, it was actually reported by TNP that a girl paid $7,500 to a social escort agency to hire a boyfriend for the Chinese New Year period – money that could be spent on perhaps more needy services.

Holes in a story may raise suspicions

Usually, both parties may have decided beforehand on what to say, if for example, they are asked how they met, but cracks can still appear if one party has remembered the story wrongly. This will raise suspicions in the eyes of relatives, who may question the pair if they have eagle eyes.

What about other occasions?

If a boyfriend is hired for Chinese New Year, then what is to stop the girl from hiring a social escort for other social occasions too, such as for Christmas. The occasions’ list may go on and on – and when will it stop? This could lead to a unhealthy trend becoming more popular.

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