Asia’s Got Talent: The Judges

Apart from simply singing songs, she can also gargle the tunes.

“Yes, I can gargle tunes as well. It’s a difficult talent, but I’ve been working on it for years,” former Sporty Spice Girl, Melanie Chisholm, said when she was quizzed on a hidden talent that she possessed.

The judges for Asia's Got Talent - from left to right> Foster, Anggun, Wu, Chrisholm.

The judges for Asia’s Got Talent are as follows: From left to right: Foster, Anggun, Wu, Chisholm.

And if you’re lucky too, she even added that you may be able to see her gargling some songs during Asia’s Got Talent.

One of the four celebrity judges for Asia’s Got Talent

That’s because Chisholm is one of the four celebrity judges on the latest edition of the popular talent search show franchise, Asia’s Got Talent, which will be hosted by Philippines-born Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez, who had both shot to fame after their participation in The Amazing Race Asia in 2007.

Asia’s Got Talent will make its debut on TV screens across Asia, on 12 March.

Explained Chisholm on coming to Asia to judge the regional talent, “At this moment in time, I am very excited about being on this show, but I have to admit that starting out, I was very nervous because we quickly realised that we had lots of responsibilities. For instance, a lot of people (competitors) coming on to the stage have never been out of their comfort zones before and we have to be very fair to them. For example, we must offer constructive criticism.”

Posing with the Golden Buzzer - a special feature of the upcoming Asia's Got Talent, that will send a chosen contestant straight to the Semi Finals.

Judges posing with the Golden Buzzer, a special feature of Asia’s Got Talent, that will send a chosen contestant straight to the Semi Finals.

Excited to take on this judging role

Besides Chisholm, the other three celebrity judges on Asia’s Got Talent are David Foster, Anggun and Van Ness Wu, who are all just as excited as Chisholm about taking on this judging role.

For Anggun, besides being excited, this role has certainly been an eye-opener too. She said, “For once, we get to watch other people. As entertainers, we just perform. And on Asia’s Got Talent, it’s like watching dance and acrobatics and magicians all at once. While some are lame, other are brilliant – and makes me hungry to want to see more such acts.”

Have seen some rather strange performances so far

Indeed, the four judges have certainly seen some pretty strange acts during the auditions so far. Said Foster, “I can’t reveal too much, but we had a guy do something with a snake that was just not watchable. We have also had some transgender situations that completely fooled me.”

And in such situations, what have the judges done? Revealed Wu, “Sometimes, it got so weird that we have literally walked away from our chairs. The show definitely has its moments.”

Pleasant moments on the show

But at the same time, there are also rather pleasant moments – such as fans being completely starstruck by the four celebrity judges, when they catch sight of them during their auditions.

Said Wu, “Sometimes fans come up and ask us to give them a hug. I think it’s very sweet of them. And we do so, because how often are they able to do this? They have to go out and perform themselves too, so we want to keep them happy. After all, we do not want to go out there and destroy people’s dreams – maybe except for David Foster!”

A sneak preview of one of the groups who auditioned!

A sneak preview of one of the talented acts which had auditioned and impressed the judges!

Foster has a name for being the meanest judge

Indeed, Foster certainly has a name, for being the ‘mean’ one on the show because he is very upfront and direct with his comments. Said Asia’s Got Talent co-host, Nelson, “David is a person who will tell you exactly what he thinks of you. If the performing arts is not your thing, then he will tell you straight out, you know what, thanks for coming, but you are not made for the world stage.”

Added Foster, “I am just giving them my honest opinion. I have regretted what I had said to two contestants, but then again, people were quite hard on me when I was starting out. But I am trying to keep on reminding myself that in the Asian culture, you cannot be so upfront, especially with the older generation. However, if someone is really that bad though, there is nothing else to say. It is like, move on, next person please.”

“In fact, some singers who auditioned have been told during their whole lives that they are great – so it seems like they come straight out of the bedroom onto the show, and they are not great at all. It’s a lot easier to be drunk at a karaoke bar and have their friends tell them, oh man, you’re so good, you sound just like Celine Dion! But oh no, they don’t. Far from it. So the harsh reality of a real microphone on a real stage, brings out the truth,” continued Foster.

Foster doesn’t mind being challenged on the show

But despite being very opinionated, Foster is open to conflicts, and doesn’t really mind if people disagree with his thoughts and comments.

Said Foster, “Oh, I don’t mind being challenged. In fact Van Ness and Melanie have challenged me before. It creates a little drama on stage too. I told them, Are you watching the same thing that I am watching? This person has no talent at all! But they disagreed.”

Jellicle cats come out tonight, on Asia's Got Talent.

Jellicle cats come out tonight, on Asia’s Got Talent.

Tips from the judges and hosts

What tips do these judges have for the show’s aspiring stars who are hoping to captivate their hearts and minds – with great performances?

Said Wu, “Breathe, relax and have fun. Once you are in the moment and you are enjoying yourself, everyone is able to feel it and magic happens. Even if you may not sing or dance your best due to nerves, we can feel it. We know when you are very excited and enthusiastic about something.”

Added Chisholm, “If you are able to control your nerves and harness your adrenaline, that works to your advantage. So as the judges, we try and make everyone feel comfortable in order to get the best out of everybody’s performances.”

After all, Asia’s Got Talent host, Fernandez, definitely agrees thats getting on stage in front of so many people isn’t easy. “It’s tough. You are up in front of millions of other people, as well as our superstar judges. And if you are not as confident as you should be, they’ll simply eat you alive.”

Asia’s Got Talent will make its debut on TV screens across Asia, on 12 March on AXN (StarHub TV channel 511) at 8.05pm

Selfies with the four judges and the two hosts!

Selfies with the four judges and the two hosts!

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