Calling Budding Amateur Photographers: Audition for Photo Face-Off, Season Two

If you are very passionate and enthusiastic about photography, why not audition for the second season of Photo Face-Off?



How to submit your application for Photo Face-Off Season Two

If you are an amateur photographer and you are keen to battle it out in an arena of creativity and inspiration, here is how you can submit your application to appear on Season Two of this successful regional TV show.

1) Log on to

2) Download the application form (Microsoft Word Document), fill it up accordingly and attach three personally shot photos that best showcase photography and visual story-telling skills.

3) Email or post your application form before 30 April 2015

Check out these two casting call videos for your reference:



For more information, please visit

The show had been immensely successful in its first season

Photo Face-Off, which recorded an immensely successful first season with excellent ratings, won the Number One time slot in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Photo Face-Off pits budding amateur photographer against professional Justin Mott

Photo Face-Off pits amateur photographers from around Asia against renowned professional photographer, Justin Mott, in a series of challenging and intriguing photography challenges – which will often push the contestants to their limit.

Mott will reprise his role in the second season

Mott returns to reprise his role as Photo Face-Off’s resident professional photographer in the second season, and contestants will be putting their skills against him, once again. At the same time, Season Two will also be seeing changes to its show format with more challenging photography face-offs between the contestants and Mott. Viewers of Photo Face-Off will enjoy double the entertainment in one sitting with hour-long episodes in Season Two as well.

Click here for some Photography tips from Justin Mott.

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  • sivasudar says:

    I would like to join for this Photo Face-Off challenge in Malaysia. How can i get through it?

    • Priscilla says:

      Hi I think Season 3 is not yet open for applications. But you can keep tabs on the website,, and when they start calling for applications you can register. Hope that helps.

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