Back to work after a holiday or a long break

After having a break or holiday, you may be feeling the blues when you return to the office.

So here are some tips on how to reduce those back-to-work blues and to motivate you to start work again.


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1. Have a positive mindset towards work

If you go back to work still in holiday mode, you won’t be very productive. So get cracking and change your mindset. Instead of wishing that you were still on holiday, try and tell yourself that you have had a great break and have been sufficiently recharged – and now it is time to delve straight back into things at work again.

2. Clean up your workspace

If your workspace is messy, it is going to demoralise you and make you feel very demotivated. So instead, try and clean everything up – for example, take the messy files off your workbench and put it on to the shelves or into the cabinet. If your workspace is clean and tidy, it is going to be more motivating and you will feel as though you are starting afresh again.

3. Get some exercise

A long and stressful day at work is not good for your mind and body. So in order to get the energy going again and to stimulate your brain to think, you should get some regular exercise. This can include going for a run either before or after office hours, or even a short 10-minute walk around your office block in the middle of a workday, if you are feeling particularly sleepy in the midst of doing a major project.

4. Plan your next holiday

After a holiday or long weekend is over, nothing beats making plans for the next one, even if it is perhaps taking place only several months away. This next break from work may be just be a short getaway to a neighbouring country, a local staycation or even the next long weekend off from work. But this gives you an opportunity to look forward to something and start counting down the days again – to your next holiday. This may just help you to tide over those very stressful times at work, when you feel as though you are getting bored, tired and sleepy at work.

5. Remind yourself that you aren’t the only one feeling like this

Telling yourself that you are not the only one who feels this way, is useful too. If it’s a long weekend, your colleagues, and even your boss, will almost certainly be feeling the ill-effects of having had the break too. So even though they may be showing no sympathy, they too, can understand exactly how you are feeling.

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