Charge your phone with a smile – using GP Batteries New PowerBanks

Are you a trail runner or a hiker whose smartphone is always dying when you are in the middle of nowhere?

Now you need not worry any more – with a new range of PowerBanks and Smart On-The-Go accessories from GP Batteries, which brings their signature ultra-safe and fast-charging performance – no matter where you are.

Range of equipment from GP Batteries.

Range of equipment from GP Batteries.

This new range of GP Batteries’ “Happy Energy” charging accessories, is advertised as being able to cater to the daily commuting, travelling and adventure needs of Singaporeans.

Received a pack of charging accessories from GP Batteries

GP Batteries recently delivered me a pack of some of these products to use for my iPhone 6.

Comprising of a 5,200mAh PowerBank, a USB Wall Charger and a Charge & Sync USB Cable, all of these feature the brand’s signature three layer safety protection against over current, short circuit and over voltage.


1. Car and Wall Chargers

The GP Wall Charger which I received, has dual USB ports and total of 3.4A output and allows speedy recharging for your tablet and smartphone. GP Batteries also has the GP Car Chargers range from single and dual to triple 2.4A output ports and allow fast charging up to two iPad and one iPhone at the same time.

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2. Charging Cables

The MFi-Certified GP Charge & Sync Lightning USB Cables work with ease for the well-lit iPads, iPods or iPhones and the GP Charge & Sync Micro USB Cables, which comes in 1m and 2m options, are compatible with Micro USB models such as Samsung, LG and Sony devices.

The charger picked up my iPhone 6 almost immediately upon plugging it in. At the same time, the ‘dead’ iPhone also sprung back to life within about a minute or two.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.00.32 PM


The “Smiley” PowerBank, has 5,200mAh “Happy Energy” and allows for faster charging at 3.1A charging speeds, 2A recharging speed and simultaneous charging of two devices. It also has a Matt aluminium casing and two LED lights and innovative piano-concave dual front and is advertised at having a long battery life and being ultra-durable.

The “Happy Energy” Smiley PowerBank that was introduced by GP Batteries, has a 135-gram body and a slim, portable design. Six versions of Smiley Faces are also displayed on the PowerBank.

Trying out this PowerBank, my first impression was that it was definitely light and that it will not weigh down my handbag. Also the cute design does help to inject a positive mood into a typical person’s day due to the smiling face – useful to take out when you are having a particularly bad day at work and when things are not going your way.

For the charging itself, it took about two and a half hours for my iPhone 6 to completely charge from zero to 100 per cent – and yet, it still looks as though there is enough battery left in the PowerBank to charge my iPhone 6 up again.

GP PowerBanks are in strict compliance with SPRING Singapore safety standards and the Consumer Protection Regulation Goods Safety Requirements and are being advertised as offering Singaporeans the world’s best recharging solutions.

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Where to buy these products

These GP Batteries products are available at selected Challenger, Best Denki, Caltex, Courts, Harvey Normal and Popular Stores around Singapore.

See table below for more details.

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