Superstitions During Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all.

Chinese New Year is a season for fun and festivities, but there are many taboos and superstitions associated with the Chinese New Year period. Let us take a look at some of these.



1. Cleaning and washing

It is a Chinese custom, not to do household cleaning and washing during the first day of Chinese New Year. This is because it is believed that by doing so, you are cleaning away the good luck that’s coming into the house, during the New Year period. That’s why sweeping of the floor is not done in many households during the first day of Chinese New Year. And for the very superstitious, no cleaning also extends to bathing themselves and washing their hair too.

2. Using sharp objects

It is strongly believed that you should stay away from sharp objects during Chinese New Year. Sharp objects would include knives and scissors. If you use these sharp objects, you will be cutting away the good luck, according to traditional Chinese custom.

3. Talking about ghosts

During the Chinese New Year period, it is supposed to be inauspicious to talk about ghosts and other supernatural creatures. It’s believed that doing so, will give you bad luck for the rest of the year ahead.

So if you happen to be camping with your friends during this period of time, stay away from those spooky campfire stories – and talk about much more pleasant things.

4. Opening your windows

By opening your house windows at all times during the first few days of Chinese New Year, it is believed that you are bringing good luck into your house. So this is something that you may want to consider doing.

5. Wearing red

It is no surprise that red is associated with Chinese New Year, because according to the Chinese tradition, this colour is said to bring luck and joy. So during the New Year period, red is a popular colour for such items as clothing.

6. Buying shoes

It is recommended that you do not do any shopping for shoes during the Chinese New Year period. If you need shoes, you should buy them either before or after the New Year period is over. That’s because “shoes” is a homonym for “rough” in Cantonese, so buying shoes during the start of the  New Year will guarantee you a “rough” year ahead.

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