Whet your appetite with EAT: The Story of Food, on National Geographic this February

Foodies, alert. Have you ever been curious about why we eat what we eat?

Starting tomorrow, National Geographic Channel brings you an uncensored take on the real story of food. You will be taken on a tasty adventure of brains, brawn and brilliance. You will discover more about a wide range of food, from cheetos to foie gras. Everything, from science experiments to pop culture is fair game.

Credit: National Geographic.

Credit: National Geographic.

Story Synopsis

We rely on food to survive. Food has driven almost anything that we have done as a species, but at the same time, food is one of the most overlooked parts of human history. In the beginning of civilisation, our ancestors’ hunger drove them to hunt animals for survival. As the human population grew, it resulted in the beginning of settlements, growing plants and rearing animals for a steady food supply.

Then as the human appetite for new and more tasty food varieties grew, our ancestors conquered lands and set out into the oceans and then the larger world. Today, we are still exploring the final frontier – outer space. We were able to fill our bellies regularly, but it was still not enough for our ancestors. That’s because the more sophisticated we became, our needs grew. Humans began to seek better flavours and greater convenience in their food, and this resulted in the adapting of science and technology to the food industry.

Today, humanity’s appetite has altered the planet, shaped our history and altered our future – with our cravings for food ranging from meat to sugar, junk food or beer.

In this six part series, take a look at the epic, uncensored story behind food – and what made humans what we are today.

Where and when to watch:

EAT: The Story of Food

Premieres Thursday, 5 February @ 7pm (Every Thursday at 7pm)

National Geographic Channel (Singtel TV Ch. 201, StarHub TV Ch. 411)

Other Food Shows on National Geographic

If Eat, The Story of Food isn’t enough to whet your appetite and stimulate your taste buds, here are two other food-related TV shows that you can also catch on National Geographic.

World’s Best Chefs

Tuesdays, 7pm

National Geographic Channel (Singtel TV Ch. 201, StarHub TV Ch. 411)

Catch today’s most influential chefs in action, ranging from Ferran Adrià – elBulli, Andoni Aduriz – Mugaritz, and discover the secrets behind their creativity and brilliance.

The Great Food Revolution

Wednesdays, 7pm

National Geographic Channel (Singtel TV Ch. 201, StarHub TV Ch. 411)

This fascinating series explores the societal perception and relationship towards food – looking at food as the new status symbol, the obsession that people have about specific types of food, and food being used as part of pop culture and entertainment.

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