EcoStore: Products Now Available that will not harm your health and environment

Do you know exactly how much harmful chemicals are present in your day-to-day laundry and detergent products?

If you said 84,000, then you are correct.

EcoStore products puts health first.

EcoStore products puts health first.

To make things even more scary, only about 1,500 to 2,000 of these chemicals have been tested for carcinogenic substances and two-fifths of these have absolutely no testing data on basic toxicity at all.

EcoStore is a brand that puts health first

But you can still use laundry and detergent products – without harming your health and the environment at the same time.

This is because EcoStore, a New Zealand company founded by Kiwi Malcolm Rands and his wife Melanie, strongly believes in putting health first. They have a unique focus on producing healthy products with no toxic or unnecessary chemicals and today, EcoStore has a loyal following in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

Health always comes first at EcoStore.

EcoStore’s products can help reduce eczema, asthma and other ellergies.

However Rands has plans to spread the joy of the EcoStore products to the rest of the world. He said, in an EcoStore video, “I would like to see EcoStore as a brand that’s known around the world.”

Happy customers have been satisfied with the products

Over the years, EcoStore’s customers would write in to say that their eczema, asthma and other allergies had improved or disappeared altogether as a result of solely using EcoStore’s products.

One such happy customer is Serena from Australia, who said in a testimonial to EcoStore, “I have just discovered your products and cleaned my shower with your shower cleaner and for the first time in I can’t remember how long, I didn’t come out itchy and scratchy and reaching for my asthma inhaler. And amazingly, my shower is actually clean.”

Added Kylie from New Zealand, another satisfied customer – in an EcoStore testimonial, “My hands used to have terrible dermatitis. By only using EcoStore dishwashing liquid, it’s all gone now.”

Blogger event to find out more about EcoStore products

At a recent media event, bloggers were invited to find out more about EcoStore’s products, ahead of their introduction into the Singapore market. We also played a couple of games based on the new information we had learned. During the session, I had thought that it was very interesting to discover about this company, whose products are backed up by a wealth of scientific research and innovation.

EcoStore held a blogger event recently.

EcoStore held a blogger event recently.

Under EcoStore’s lead formulator and chemist, Sir Ray Avery, every product spends months in the development and making, to ensure that the safest health, environmental and efficacy standards are maintained.

The packaging is made with safe and recyclable materials

However, it is not only the contents of the actual products itself, that is safe. The packaging for EcoStore products are also made with safe and recyclable ingredients that is kind to the environment. This comes in the form of a special type of plastic called Carbon Capture Pak, that is made entirely from a sugarcane-based high density polyethylene from Brazil and is 100 per cent recyclable.

The packaging for EcoStore products is friendly to the environment.

The packaging for EcoStore products is friendly to the environment.

According to EcoStore, as sugarcane grows, it captures carbon dioxide from its surroundings and this ultimately gets stored within the plastic when it is processed for usage. A natural process, this helps to reduce our carbon footprint, thus helping to keep harmful climatic changes at bay. At the same time, this saves 639 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, as compared to traditional plastic.

All types of products available

The types of products at EcoStore range from household cleaners to bath liquids and baby solutions. So there is definitely something that’s available to cater to everyone’s needs.

See below for a selection of the products that EcoStore has available and which ones you can purchase at NTUC FairPrice and Cold Storage outlets in Singapore.

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