Ellen Degeneres Show Back On Lifetime Channel Tomorrow

The Ellen Degenres Show is back on Lifetime. (Credit: Lifetime)

The Ellen Degenres Show is back on Lifetime. (Credit: Lifetime)

You simply can’t get enough of the witty humour and laughter on The Ellen Degeneres Show?

Ellen is back on Lifetime Channel

There’s some good news then – because the Ellen Degeneres Show returns to Lifetime Channel on weekdays, starting from tomorrow.

Features some of the world’s biggest stars

Featuring some of the world’s biggest stars in film, television and music, Ellen, now into its 12th episode, promises to be bigger and better than ever. Complete with Ellen’s one-of-a-kind humour, warmth and insight, the new season of the show will definitely give viewers plenty of laughter and fun.

With her ever-engaging personality, Ellen will set the tone for a relaxed and candid environment, putting her guests completely at ease and letting them engage in entertaining and thoughtful discussions on all types of topical issues.

Winner of multiple awards

Having won 45 Daytime Emmy awards, including seven for Outstanding Talk Show and four for Outstanding Talk Show Host, this show is embraced by critics and viewers alike – and is something that you, as a viewer, certainly can look forward to.

The Ellen Degeneres Show

Premieres Monday, 20 October

Weekdays, 8pm

Lifetime Channel (StarHub TV Ch. 514)

Same Day Telecast as the USA

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  • Irene Lim says:

    I’ve been following the Ellen Degeneres show on Life Time channel. I noticed it is no longer the case. What happened & will the channel bring the show back?

    A reply would be nice.


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