How Much Do You Know About Escape Artist Harry Houdini?

Delighting people from all walks of life with his illusion magic and sublime skills, Harry Houdini is one of the greatest magicians who has ever walked this earth.

Get a glimpse into the person that Harry Houdini really was. (Image Credit: HISTORY)

Get a glimpse into the person that Harry Houdini really was on the History Channel to show in early September (Image Credit: HISTORY)

Harry Houdini is not the magician’s birth name

But did you know that Harry Houdini isn’t actually his real name though? In fact, it is a stage name that Houdini inadvertently took from the wife of a French magician that he had admired. This was Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin. And Houdini added the letter ‘i’ to the end of his name to indicate that he was like Houdin.

His commemorative postage stamp featured a hidden image

Did you also know that Houdini’s commemorative postage stamp, released in 2002 in the United States, contains a hidden image of Houdini wrapped in chains?

The idea behind this had been to commemorate Houdini as an illusionist and escape artist.

Harry Houdini. (Image Credit: HISTORY)

Harry Houdini. (Image Credit: HISTORY)

Find out more about this master magician at an exclusive show on the History Channel

You can find out much more interesting nuggets of information, from a special two-night exclusive show airing on the History Channel at the beginning of September.

The two-part TV show, featuring Adrien Brody as the master magician Houdini and Kristen Connolly as his wife, Bess Houdini, will take you through the life story of Houdini, explore the man behind the magic and how he fought poverty to being rich and successful at his trade.

Will give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of who Houdini really was

It will also bring you through Houdini’s engagement in espionage, battles, spiritualists and encounters with the greatest names in the era ranging from United States presidents to Arthur Conan Doyle and Rasputin. It will also chronicle Houdini’s stunts, visions and illusions.

So throughout the show, you will constantly find yourself asking what is real and what is not.

Show Premiere and Details

This two-night special event will be aired in the first week of September, during the following dates:

Tuesday, September 2nd and Wednesday, September 3rd 

at 9PM, on the HISTORY Channel (Both in Singapore and Hong Kong)

This will be a same-day telecast as in the United States.

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