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Feet Haven, a boutique foot reflex spa founded in 2011, wants to change the image of foot reflexology in Singapore.

Said Dennis Toh, 39, the Director of Feet Haven Reflexology LLP, “As a boutique foot reflex spa, Feet Haven offers both foot reflexology and body massages to its customers.”

Feet Haven is a boutique foot reflexology spa in Singapore.

Feet Haven is a boutique foot reflexology spa in Singapore.

He continued, “While the general impression is that foot reflexology is for the older folks, we hope to inject a fresh, new perspective towards foot reflexology and body massages and encourage younger people to visit our outlets – just like how they will visit cafes and restaurants as their favourite hang-out places.”

What is foot reflexology

An applied pressure therapy that focuses on stimulating pressure points on the foot to produce therapeutic effect, there are many known benefits of foot reflexology.

Explained Toh, “Foot Reflexology increases blood circulation, thereby reducing stress levels and increases the general health and wellness of an individual.”

He added, “The benefits of foot reflexology to a person’s immune system, energy levels and blood are already well-known amongst older Singaporeans. Feet Haven hopes to make this ancient treatment appeal to a new generation of customers – just like how young people will get their nails done or watch a romantic movie.”

Foot Reflexology is all about stimulating pressure points on the foot. [Photo from www.aurora-massage.com]

Foot Reflexology is all about stimulating pressure points on the foot.
[Photo from www.aurora-massage.com]

Feet haven aims to warm the hearts and soles of all Singaporeans

So Feet Haven, located in the historical districts of Katong and Serangoon, aims to warm the hearts and soles of Singaporeans through not only with their feet reflex services but also with their unique business model, too.

It is through their interesting business model and services, that Feet Haven has won awards in their field – with the most recent one being the Harpers Bazaar Spa Awards 2016. Their services have also been featured in magazines such as 8 Days, Cleo and Young Parents.

Explained Toh, “Feet Haven hopes to provide a place for the community to come together while providing employment opportunities for seniors, at the same time. Bringing the spirit of an open piazza or hip bistro to people, Feet Haven hopes to be a crossroad for meaningful interactions, exchanging of ideas and a meeting place to bring together multiple generations of Singaporeans.”

A very cosy vibe that reminds me of home

Indeed, when I visited the Katong outlet of Feet haven recently, the initial vibe does not feel the same as your typical feet reflex business. The outside of the shophouse may have looked quite simple and unassuming, but the moment I stepped inside, it was so soothing and homely that I felt just like being at home.

I recently visited the Katong branch of Feet Haven.

I recently visited the Katong branch of Feet Haven to have my feet pampered and it was heavenly.

For example, quiet music was playing softly in the background, setting up a very cosy ambience. Lush sofas lined the right hand side of the room, while the left side was adorned with tables, chairs and magazines.

I was greeted by a friendly receptionist, who gestured to me to make myself comfortable once the introductions had been done. Soon after, a friendly uncle emerged from the back room and introduced himself to me as Bob – and that he would be my masseur.

I did a foot reflex session (45 minutes) and a shoulder & neck rub (15 minutes).

The foot reflex session had included all areas of the calf, shin and the rest of the lower leg, too.

Named Shiok Basic Blend, this combination massage is one of Feet Haven’s signature massage package – and typically costs $45.00 per session.

The other signature package is the Full Body Massage, which is 60-minutes per session and will set you back by $68.00.

Can feel the difference after a session

My feet were first soaked in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes, and then after that, Bob proceeded to massage my feet and lower leg, beginning with my left one.

My feet getting soaked in warm water.

My feet getting soaked in warm water.

At the beginning especially, I must admit that the foot reflex was a little painful and that I could really feel Bob’s pressing hard against my muscles and joints. But he later told me that this had been because my feet and calves were extremely stiff, due to all the running that I had been doing. So he recommended that I should take up yoga to loosen my muscles and improve my flexibility.

And after he had finished working on my left foot and leg and proceeded to work on the right one, I could really feel the difference. The left leg felt so much more relaxed and it seemed as though the muscles had really been loosened up – all of a sudden, it no longer felt as though I had run 21km the previous evening, anymore.

I could still feel the benefits of the foot reflex session the following morning, when I went out for an early run. My feet somehow felt softer, and so my muscles were not as tensed during my run. I think that my stride was also slightly more powerful, as a result, thanks to the foot reflex session.

I thought that the effects were similar after the 15-minute shoulder & neck massage, even though this had been a much shorter session. As I spend a lot of time working on the computer as part of my work, Bob commented that my shoulders were quite tight too – I think he was right; I could really feel the pain when he prodded them at the beginning.

My foot gets pampered.

My foot getting pampered.

But it definitely felt good once he had finished – I walked out of the massage studio feeling almost like a new person – thanks to the newly loosened muscles.

No health drawbacks of having such sessions

I can definitely see how regular reflexology sessions can indeed help to relax the muscles and joints, as well as increase blood circulation and reduce stress levels in a person.

And according to Toh, there are no negative side effects of having regular reflexology sessions. He explained, “There are generally no drawbacks as the pros definitely outweigh the cons. The only drawback that I can think of, is that one may get addicted to reflexology or massages – and therefore burning a hole in one’s pocket.”

One of the friendly masseurs at Feet Haven, who had asked me to snap his picture.

One of the friendly masseurs at Feet Haven, who had asked me to snap his picture.

This is something that I certainly hope wouldn’t happen to me though, but a few days after the complimentary session, I was already wondering whether I could get my feet massaged – again!

For more about Feet Haven, do check out their website at http://www.feethaven.com/ 

Thank you, Feet Haven, for the complimentary reflexology session.

Feet Haven is located at:

Feet Haven Katong

#01-01, 136 East Coast Road S428821

Feet Haven Serangoon Gardens

4A Maju Ave S556682

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