F&N Fruit Tree Fresh: A Novel Way to Say Merry Christmas

Are you looking for a novel way to wish your loved one and close friends a “Merry Xmas?” Here’s an idea.

Credit: F&N Fruit Tree Fresh.

Credit: F&N Fruit Tree Fresh.

The New Christmas App by F&N Fruit Tree Fresh

Look no further than the F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box mobile app. Free for download on both the Apple iTunes Store and Android Google Play store, it allows you to send a personalised Xmas message to your friends, family and loved ones – accompanied by a classic Xmas carol, such as ‘Joy to the World’ and ‘We wish you a Merry Xmas.’

Here are the instructions on how to download and use this application.

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An interactive app to send fun Christmas messages

I downloaded this app and gave it a try. I must say that it is a pretty interactive idea and interesting for parents to send fun Xmas messages to their children and vice versa.

Friends or colleagues, who wish to let their inner child loose and enjoy the spirit of Christmas, can also send these messages to each other through this engaging app. So while this app may appear to be targeted towards families and children, I think that it can appeal to anybody who wishes to re-live a tiny part of their childhood.

App is easy to use

As well, the app is also very easy to use – and I didn’t have any problems with creating a simple Xmas jingle. I thought that the in-app step-by-step instructions are quite clear from the time that you write your message to the time that you create your tune and save your Christmas message (as a video, inside your phone’s photo album).

Because of the ease of usage, this may also appeal to older people such as grandparents, who wish to send Xmas messages to their grandkids.

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