What’s Coming on FOX International Channels this April

Here is a list of FOX TV shows to look out for, on your screens this April.

Fresh off the Boat 

Premieres this Sunday, 12 April @ 9.55pm (Two Episodes back-to-back)
Every Sunday at 9:55pm (HK/SIN/MAL) FOX 

Singtel TV Ch. 330, StarHub TV Ch. 505 

Photo: www.sidereel.com

Credit: www.sidereel.com

Inspired by chef and food personality Eddie Huang’s best-selling memoir by the same name, this TV series centres around a 12-year-old hip hop-loving EDDIE HUANG. He has just moved with his family from Chinatown in Washington D.C. to suburban Orlando, Florida. But they soon discover things are very different over there. For example, Orlando doesn’t even have a Chinatown… unless you count the Huang house.

Eddie’s dad LOUIS has dragged the family to the suburbs to pursue his version of the American dream – so they open Cattleman’s Ranch Steakhouse, a struggling western-themed restaurant. Louis thinks that the best way to get customers in the door is to hire a white host to greet them and make them comfortable. Eddie’s mom JESSICA has agreed to the move, but she finds Orlando a strange place – from the rollerblading stay-at-home moms, to the hospital-like grocery stores, and the fact that the humidity has ruined her hair.

On the other hand, Eddie is just trying to figure out his place in this new world, and this is much harder than he had thought at first. When the kids at school make fun of his homemade Chinese lunch, he begs his mom to get him “white people lunch”… aka, Lunchables. Like one of his idols, The Notorious B.I.G, Eddie’s a guy with mad dreams – first, get a seat at the table. Second, meet Shaq. Third, change the game (possibly with the help of Shaq).

This is a classic heart-felt immigrant story, seen through the eyes of a first- generation Asian American kid.

Modern Family S6 

Premieres this Sunday, 12 April @ 10.50pm (Three Episodes back-to-back)
Every Sunday at 10:50pm (HK/SIN/MAL) FOX 

Singtel TV Ch. 330, StarHub TV Ch. 505 

Credit: forums.aflamhq.com

Credit: forums.aflamhq.com

MODERN FAMILY is quickly cementing itself as a culturally defining series. Having received a record five consecutive Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series, tying the Emmy® record previously set by Frasier, and a Golden Globe® Award for Best Comedy Television Series, MODERN FAMILY returns to FOX for its sixth season.


Styled to Rock UK 

Season premieres this Wednesday, on 8 April 

Screened every Wednesday at 6.55pm 

On StarWorld
Singtel TV Ch. 301, StarHub TV Ch. 501 

Today, the music industry informs fashion more than anything else. High-end shops and fashion-conscious youngsters try to copy what their music idols are wearing, rather than the couture which fashion houses are putting down the runway.

This series aims to search for Britain’s most promising fashion designers, who possess the image, vision and creativity to dress some of the world’s hottest musicians.

Asia’s Next Top Model S3 (EXCLUSIVE) 

Screened every Wednesday at 8.45pm 

On StarWorld
Singtel TV Ch. 301, StarHub TV Ch. 501 

Credit: normannorman.com

Credit: normannorman.com

Now into its third season, Asia’s Next Top Model is back with a new host, Georgina Wilson, and plenty of twists in store.

14 aspiring bold models, each representing their own countries, compete in Asia’s most cut-throat modelling competition, with high hopes of becoming the next winner of Asia’s Next Top Model. This season features many exciting new additions to the panel and fresh, budding talent – and is set to be one of the biggest yet.

National Geographic Channel 

Hubble’s Cosmic Journey 

Premieres Friday, 24 April @ 10pm 

On National Geographic Channel 

Singtel TV Ch. 201, StarHub TV Ch. 411 

Hubble was initially launched in April 1990 onboard Space Shuttle Discovery. Its release into orbit over 500km above the Earth marked the birth of one of humanity’s biggest dreams – this was to place a telescope into space, high above the obscuring effects of the atmosphere, to gain the clearest view of the cosmos we could hope to see.

But in the months which followed, it was clear that the dream had turned into a nightmare. This was because Hubble’s mirror was found to have a flaw. Three years of heartache, and huge human resolve followed – to mount a rescue mission to fix the flaw. The results were amazing, and produced the most complete view of the Universe we’ve ever had. This is the story of the men and women who conceived, built, fixed and operated Hubble – the most celebrated science instrument in history.

Years of Living Dangerously 

Premieres this Monday, 13 April @ 11pm 

Screened every Monday at 11pm 

On National Geographic Channel 

Singtel TV Ch. 201, StarHub TV Ch. 411 

This multi-part television event tells the biggest story of our time – that is, climate change and its impact on people.

Over the course of nine episodes, celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, America Ferrera, Mark Bittman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, go into the field – where they meet the real people facing the all-too-often crippling effects of climate change-related weather events.

The series features gripping, character- driven narratives, uncertain outcomes, the politics of global warming, and the efforts made by individuals, communities, companies and governments to find solutions to the problem.

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