Halloween Horror Nights 4 @ Universal Studios Singapore

Halloween Horror Nights is back at Sentosa for the fourth consecutive year.

Halloween Horror Nights is back at Sentosa for the fourth consecutive year.

Last weekend, I visited the Univeral Studios Singapore (USS) at Sentosa, to check out the fourth edition of the theme park’s Halloween Horror Nights.

This event, which takes place annually in October, transforms the popular theme park into a horrifying territory occupied by monsters, ghouls and other creatures of the night – to give visitors the feeling that they are being immersed in the depths of horror.

For the fourth edition, there are eight haunted attractions altogether. These are four haunted houses and four scare zones. As well, there is a special Halloween themed show too, featuring Jack the Nightmare Clown from the USA.

Haunted Houses

The L.A.B

Human hearts or poison syringes, anyone?

Human hearts or poison syringes, anyone?

If you dare to step inside inside The Laboratory of Alien Breeding (L.A.B.), you will find yourself inside an alien laboratory – where gross experiments are being conducted on humans. The result of this is human-alien hybrids lurking everywhere, with their sole intention being to turn you into one of them.

I thought that this haunted house resembles a rather bizarre and futuristic Science Fiction movie. Walking through it and seeing for myself the operating theatres, people and objects literally hanging from the ceiling and even alien eggs is very strange and scary at the same time.

Mati Camp

Based loosely on the army stories about “sergeant majors from hell”, you will wish that you had never set foot into this army camp – that is, if you manage to escape from it with your life in the first place.

That’s because this particular camp sergeant major is really from hell. A real demon is in charge and his forms of punishment for disobedient soldiers include cannibalism and mutilation. Because of this, his soldiers have lost their minds – literally – and they have descended into madness.

At this haunted house, there are plenty of gory sights and sounds, with scare actors popping up from all directions – especially where you would least expect them to. Gory sights include blood-soaked undead soldiers.

Jing's Revenge takes place at a Singapore Chinese secondary school.

The haunted site for Jing’s Revenge is a Singapore Chinese secondary school.

Jing’s Revenge

Taking place at a Singaporean Chinese school, Hua Sin Secondary School, this haunted house tells the story of Jing, a schoolgirl who murdered herself on the school’s premises – and returned to kill everyone ten years later.

The storyline of a school may not sound scary at first glance. But this is actually a very well designed haunted house. There is plenty of attention to details here that tell Jing’s story in a very concrete manner. The journey through this house starts with visitors sensing Jing’s lonely feelings, through the ambience and dark lighting, and finally ends in a bloody mess – and all of this is pretty convincing.

There are also plenty of scare-actors hiding and popping up everywhere – where you would least expect them to do so.

Jack’s 3-Dementia

With one of the scare actors at Halloween Horror Nights 4.

With one of the scare actors at Halloween Horror Nights 4.

As Singapore’s first 3D haunted house, this one did not disappoint me at all.

It is supposed to be a fun house that has gone wrong, with psychopath killer clowns lurking everywhere looking for unsuspecting humans to “play” with.

I found this haunted house very disorienting, especially with the 3D glasses on. Unlike many of the other haunted houses, this is very bright and actually looks quite cheerful at first glance. But you will find that the brightness is deceiving when you step inside. The colourful and sinister artwork really leaps out at you and the cackling clowns give you the chills.

There are also plenty of scare-actors galore, to leap out at you when you are not expecting it. Not forgetting that colourful spinning tunnel either – I found that walking across it was quite a creepy experience. In fact, I felt that out of the haunted houses, this one was probably my favourite.

Scare Zones

This is certainlty not the Rapunzel you remember from your childhood.

This is certainlty not the Rapunzel you remember from your childhood.

Scary Tales

At the Forest of Disenchantment, characters such as Rapunzel and Shrek from your favourite fairy tales have now become nightmares beyond recognition. And if you let your guard down, there will definitely be no happy ending for you. Enter this deadly Forest at your own peril.

Upon walking through this scare zone, I thought it was indeed pretty eerie and creepy, with a frightening and bone-chilling twist to all of the familiar characters that I recognised.

Canyon of the Curses

Comprising of treasure hunters turned into creatures of the undead by an ancient Nevuro Chieftain’s curse, this creepy and eerier scare zone contains plenty of hiding places for the scare-actors to jump out and spook you – if you are not careful enough.

Just be careful of the demons when you are roaming about the Demoncracy scare zone.

Just be careful of the demons when you are roaming about the Demoncracy scare zone.

Walking through here is definitely creepy but I didn’t really feel that this particular scare zone was very memorable.


At this scare zone, demons are on the prowl, roaming the streets of New York in search for new victims. It is definitely a very elaborate set-up, with hot lava spewing out and the city in complete ruins. Whilst walking through here, I should say that it was pretty impressive. Yes, visit this version of New York at your own peril.


This scare zone relives your common childhood nightmares of the Bogeyman monster. I am sure that as children, many of you must have cried about a monster in your closet or under the bed at nights. Yes, this is the Bogeyman.

As you walk through the scare zone, you will meet the child victims of the Bogeyman, as well as the monster himself.

In my opinion, this is probably the most frightening of the scare zones. So good luck to you here – and may you escape with your life.

Show Attraction

Jack’s Nightmare Circus

Jack's Nightmare Circus is no ordinary fun circus.

Jack’s Nightmare Circus is no ordinary fun circus.

Last but not least, this show features Jack the Killer Clown, who is a famous mainstay of the US version of the Halloween Horror Nights. Now Singaporeans will get to see Jack in his own sinister glory, as he tries to find new stars for his show here in Singapore.

Witness the auditions of three hopeful acts taking place, featuring aerial ropes and skating, amongst other extreme stunts involving apples, fire and chainsaws. In the end, they all die though.

As a whole, this is a very entertaining show and a must-see if you are visiting the Halloween Horror Nights. If only it could have been in Singapore for a longer time period.

There are three show times and these are at 8.30pm, 10.15pm and 12am.

The Halloween Horror Nights 4 is held at Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa on the following dates: October 3-5, 10-11, 17-18, 22-25, 31 & 1 November. The opening hours are from 7.30pm to 1.30am.

Check out http://halloweenhorrornights.com.sg for further details.

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