Haze Tips for Pokemon Go Trainers to look after their health

The annual haze problem in Singapore is well and truly back.

So if you are heading outdoors to catch Pokemon, like you have been doing every day for the past couple of weeks, please do take some precautions to look after your health. After all, your well being is more important than any rare Pokemon there may be out there.

The haze is back in Singapore.

The haze is back in Singapore.

Check the PSI before heading out

If the haze is bad, you will probably be able to smell it from your house or your office.

But in any case, do remember to check the PSI before you go out.

If the PSI is below 150, it is probably still okay for you to head outdoors to catch your Pokemon as per normal.

But if it is above 150, it may be wiser to wear a mask as a precaution when you are going outdoors.

And if the haze is above 200, it may be best for you to catch your Pokemon indoors, by making use of your Lures and Incense – rather than risking your health out of the house.

Close all doors and windows

When you are indoors, make sure that you close all your doors and windows.

Doing so will restrict the polluted air from coming into the building, thus you will not be breathing in all the smog. Inhaling smog causes short term problems such as sore throat, itchy eyes and stuffy nose, as well as long term issues such as lung cancer.

Turn on the air conditioner and the air purifier

Switching on the air conditioner and the air purifier will help to remove the pollutants indoors, thus purifying the air.

As well, the air purifier also has an added advantage of being able to catch tiny particles in the air and removing them.

Drink lots of water

During this hazy period, make sure that you hydrate yourself well and take plenty of water. The recommended amount of water is 6 to 8 glasses per day for a healthy adult individual.

Sufficient water intake will help your kidneys to remove any pollutants that have been absorbed by the lungs or the skin.

Reduce intake of alcohol and coffee

During the hazy period, try and cut down on your intake of alcohol and coffee too because these promote the loss of fluids and leech nutrients from your body.

Your health is more crucial than any Pokemon out there.

Your health is more crucial than any Pokemon out there.

Increase your intake of Vitamins C and E

By taking in more Vitamins C and E, this will strengthen your body’s natural immune system.

Foods containing Vitamin C includes oranges, pineapples and other citrus fruits. On the other hand, seeds and nuts contain Vitamin E. If you are not keen on these foods, then you can also buy supplements as an alternative.

Wear a mask outdoors at all times

If you really have to venture outdoors to catch Pokemon and battle at gyms when the PSI level is quite high, then make sure that you wear a mask.

However a standard surgical mask will not be enough to protect you against the smog particles though.

Instead try and choose an N95 mask instead, as this will prevent most of the harmful PM2.5 particles from entering your lungs and respiratory system.

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